How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Thoroughly

How to clean kitchen cabinets? How often should you clean your kitchen cabinets? Click here to find out the step-by-step guide to clean your kitchen cabinet!

A kitchen is the heart of your house, and cabinets represent its focal point. Each day, however, the kitchen is smeared with fingerprints, grease and food splatters. Therefore, the task of cleaning kitchen cabinets every once in a while is essential in order to maintain the overall look of your house. However, cleaning kitchen cabinets is not an easy task. You may need some guidance before tackling it. How to clean kitchen cabinets? How often should you clean your kitchen cabinets? And which spots should be given special attention during the cleaning process? In this article, we provide answers to all of these questions. Read on!



How often to Clean the Kitchen

Kitchen cleaning is a never-ending job. Regarding the frequency of kitchen cabinet cleaning, this is determined by how often you use the kitchen. Grease, spatters, and water stains may accumulate excessively if you cook every day. Due to this, you may have to perform daily maintenance after cooking to avoid that horrible scene. For daily kitchen cleaning, you can simply use a cloth and cleanser to remove stains. Besides daily maintenance, we recommend a thorough cleaning once a month. By properly deep cleaning your kitchen, it can be rejuvenated and last for many years to come.

Now let's explore how to clean kitchen cabinets.

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How to Clean the Kitchen Cabinet Door

Door panels make up the face of your kitchen, as they are the front of the cabinet. Cleaning the doors on a regular basis is necessary to create a clean and tidy atmosphere.

1. Clean Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Door

A neutral detergent is usually adequate to clean kitchen cabinet doors. For lacquered and spray-painted wooden doors, please avoid using a water-soluble cleanser, which may cause surface damage and color fade. Also, benzene solvents should not be used to clean the doors for the sample reason. During daily maintenance, dish soap is the most practical cleaner for cleaning cabinet doors, which is a great neutral detergent. As for the cleaning cloth, steel wool or abrasive scrubbers is unnecessary as it might hurt the surface. A towel can handle it all.

Additionally, even if the kitchen cabinet doors were covered with finish and edge band, they could still be affected by water absorption. Therefore, it is important to dry the countertop and prevent water from dripping onto the cabinets.

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2.Clean Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Door

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets are very popular these days. As the stainless steel cabinet is stain resistant, it is easier to maintain. To clean the surface, you can use a cloth with some soap solution or dish soap. For dust or dirt, you can wipe it off with a warm damp cloth. A simple cleaning is sufficient. 

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How to Clean the Kitchen Cabinet Carcass

Kitchen cabinet carcasses serve as a place to store pots and pans, dinnerware, and groceries. They are the fundamentals of the kitchen. How to clean wooden cabinets and make a deep clean for kitchen cabinet carcasses, follow these steps:

Step 1. Empty the Cabinets

Remove everything from the kitchen cabinets in order to carry out a thorough cleaning. From the top down, begin with the wall cabinet, then with the base cabinet.

Step 2. Wipe off the Dust

It is likely to have a pile of dust inside a cabinet that's barely used. All you need to do is wipe it off with a soft brush.

Step 3. Clean the Interior

To clean the interior, use a cleaning cloth dipped in warm water or mild detergent. After cleaning, remember to air dry the area before closing the door.

Step 4. Reorganize the Storage

It is time to reorganize the storage. Get rid of expired items, and clean the storage that remains. Make sure you dry the storage before putting it back.

Step 5. Inspect the Hardware

Cabinet hardware, such as hinges, sliding tracks, and storage accessories, must remain dry. For tracks and hinges, lubricant may help to maintain the smooth operation of these components.

How to Clean the Kitchen Cabinet Countertop

Almost all of the meal preparation is done on the kitchen countertop. Maintaining a clean and tidy countertop is vital to daily cooking. Here are some tips about stone-made countertops and stainless steel countertops.

1. Natural Stone Countertop

- A soft sponge is all that is needed for daily maintenance.

- Do not use toluene cleaners, which are likely to leave white stains.

- A chemical cleaner that contains acids can also damage the glaze.

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2. Stainless Steel Countertop

- Do not use steel wool or abrasive scrubbers when washing.

- Chemical cleaners may damage stainless steel countertops, so a simple wash with water is sufficient.

- Be aware that stainless steel countertops may get rust if exposed to salt. Maintain them daily to prevent corrosion.

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Maintaining a clean and organized kitchen is essential for every cook. A dirty kitchen could pose significant health risks to the family. OPPEIN can offer you the easy-cleaning kitchen to meet your needs. Feel free to contact our experts. Using the steps and tips above, you can find the best way to clean kitchen cabinets. No more waiting, it is time to thoroughly clean your kitchen cabinets!

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