How to Choose A Perfect Interior Door

Choosing a perfect interior door can be a tough task. There are various combinations in the market. For helping you to make the right choice, we will introduce 3 basic factors for interior door selecting in this article. Check it out!
People spend so much time selecting the furniture while decorating new houses or remodeling old houses. But when it comes to interior doors, they pay attention to nothing but the appearance. As a matter of fact, door is as much importance as other furnishinjings of a home. And there are more details and factors that people should know before choosing the interior door. Here we provide a guide to list out all things you should know to choose the right door for. If you got trouble in selecting the door, this article can help you out for sure. Keep reading!

1. About Types

The first thing you should think about is which types of door you want. Different types gives different functions. Here we introduce 5 types of door by its installation.

Hinged Door:

This is the most commonly-used door. It features hinges on one side that you can open and close it by swing. Choosing hinged door is a safe choice because it goes with almost every space in the house. Also, you can get different styles and patterns of hinged door, such as flush door or panel door, to match with the interior design.


Bifold Door:

Bifold door or folding door means there are several door panels can be folded up. This kind of door is commonly used to cover the closet or wardrobe, as it can provide an appealing look with all-in-one panel.


Sliding Door:

Some may choose sliding door to divide the different rooms. The track can be installed on the top or bottom of door to make top-hung or bottom-rolling door based on the actual need. There are also different types of sliding door like pocket door, barn door and bypass door which are favored by people all around the world.


French Door:
French door originated in France during the Renaissance. It is actually a large window rather than a door at the very beginning. Large glass panes allow the natural light to flood in the room, so this door is a perfect for balcony and patio. Compared to other types, this glass door could be an elaborate addition to beautify your home.


Jib Door:

Jib door, also known as hidden door, is a door made flush with a wall, and it does not equip with knob and dressing for “invisible appearance”. Generally, jib door is used for maximally maintaining the integrality of the interior design, and disguising unimportant room like storage room.


2. About Material

The material you choose plays an extremely important role in the quality and appearance of interior door. To help you make decision, we will introduce 3 popular materials. Read on to learn more about these basic materials.

Solid Wood

For people who are crazy about natural element, solid wood can be an exclusive option, such as cherry, walnut and maple. This kind of material presents a gorgeous appearance. Natural grain shows the craftsmanship of nature. It also features great sound and temperature insulation performance. However, the advantages are obvious too. Solid wood would shrink and swell by the influence of humidity, so you may need to keep it away from the moist space. Moreover, compared with other material, the material could cost a lot more.


Composite Wood

If you still want the look of solid wood, you should try composite material like MDF, particle board and plywood. Made of composite wood, the door is quiet similar to the solid wood door, while the price is much cheaper than solid wood. Even though it cannot replace the real wood, composite wood can be excellent alternative for those with limited budget

MDF-Particle Board-Plywood.jpg

Metal & Glass

Nowadays, metal framed glass door is more and more popular. Different from wooden door, glass door offers stylish and unique look to decorate your home. The clarity is an incomparable advantage that wooden door can never have. Metal and glass are mostly used for exterior door to the balcony, patio or garden. It is also a beautiful addition for interior space, bringing more romantic sense to the room.


3. About Internal Structure

Beside the materials, the internal core structure also influence the overall performance of interior door. The core of door leaf can be divided into solid structure (solid wood & solid core) and hollow structure (including honeycomb, wooden blocks & tubular core), and here we will talk about

4 internal structure precisely for you to understand the differences between them.

Honeycomb Structure:

As its name, the core is combined by honeycomb structure paper or cardboard. Door panel with this structure features light weight, and it is also an economical option. But obviously, there are several cons, such as poor noise insulation and easy to damage.


Wooden Blocks Structure:

Wooden blocks form a sturdier structure than the honeycomb cardboard. Apart from that, this core is inexpensive and lightweight as well. You may try this door if you want stronger structure than honeycomb but still with modest budget.


Tubular Structure:

Tubular core is a stable structure just like the structure of a bridge. Hollow structure ensures the lightweight performance. But unlike the wooden blocks and honeycomb, this one shows an excellent sound insulation and impact resistance. With an affordable price, this core could be the best choice for you.


Solid Wood Structure:

The entire panel is made of real solid wood which keeps all the qualities and weaknesses of wood. This solid structure can perfectly resist noise and impact. But as we said before, real wood is easy to influence by the temperature change and moisture, shrinking or expending. Also, you may need to pay a steep price for this natural material.


Solid Core Structure:
Some people may choose solid core doors if they want a super sturdy structure. Solid core is made of composite wood like MDF. This kind of structure features the sound insulation almost the same as solid wood, while it would not be easily shrink or expend. Still, there are some cons of solid core door, for instance, heavy weight can be an issue for installation and daily use. And compared to other hollow structures, the price may not be so competitive.


Even though some might think interior door is just a small part of the whole home décor, there are still many tricks that make you confused. Finding a trustworthy company can be a great relief for you. OPPEIN has been working in home furnishing for more than 27 years, selling custom cabinets, closets and of course - interior door. Contact us if you have any problem in home furnishing selecting!


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