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Customer services
Kitchen Cabinet
Solid wood finish52-55 days
Wood veneer finish58-63 days
Lacquer finish28-33 days
Laminated finish18-21 days
PVC finish23-25 days
Acrylic finish18-22 days
Melamine finish18-22 days
Kitchen Countertop
Quartz23-25 days
OPPEIN Solid Surface18-20 days
Spain Sintered Surface33-35 days
Other countertops20-24 days
Solid wood finish33-38 days
Lacquer finish33-38 days
PVC finish32-34 days
Leather finish19-33 days
Laminate finish19-21 days
Glass series19-33 days
Melamine Finish14-27 days
Bathroom Cabinet
Laminated finish17-18 days
Acrylic finish18-20 days
PVC finish21-26 days
Lacquer finish23-35 days
Solid wood finish35-40 days
Bathroom Countertop
Quartz23-25 days
OPPEIN Solid Surface18-20 days
Spain Sintered Surface33-35 days
Other countertops20-24 days
Wooden Door:
Solid Wood finish54-56 days
Wood Veneer finish41-43days
Lacquer finish41-43 days
Melamine finish31-33 days
Italian designer-led design team
OPPEIN has made an alliance with famous Italian designers. we insist on original designs and keeping up with international trends.
Triangle science – makes an efficient cooking line
Four functional areas of storage, washing, cooking and preparing match up well with human’s body characteristics, cooking process and tableware use frequency, which forms a right angle or isosceles triangle.
Customized design
Regardless of the layout of the kitchen space or the original architectural, our designers will always start from taking full account of the space and customer’s preferred design theme, with a wide choice of materials, finishes and colors provided to develop an individual and unique kitchen.

If necessary, we will send an experienced, professional measurement service team to visit you in your home to assess the conditions and provide accurate measurements.

Additional fees will be charged accordingly.

Also, you can solve the installation problem by yourself. We provide professional MEASUREMENT GUIDANCE.


OPPEIN package has expert techniques and tools to protect your items for shipping. It is strong enough through layers of packing, you can enjoy buying without worrying about subsequent assembly problems.

OPPEIN usually uses two methods for kitchen cabinet packing. One is RTA (Ready to assemble) and the other is fully assembled. As to the glass and countertops, we use cartons for packing and reinforce them with wooden frames to avoid breakage in transit.

Warranty Method

1. After you filed the warranty claim, the defective parts will at our option either be repaired or replaced and we reserve the right to replace defective parts with parts of equal or greater value.

2. If a warranty claim is filed after the product becomes obsolete or discontinued, Oppein Home Group Inc. will replace the affected component with a replacement component of a similar style based on availability at the time of claim.

Wooden Door
delivery & shipment
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  • 02.Export Transportation

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  • 03.Port of Loading

    (Export Customs Clearance)

  • 04.Ocean Shipping

    (Ship company)

  • 05.Port of Destination

    (Import Customs Clearance)

  • 06.Import Transportation

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