Home Office Decor Tips: Dos and Don'ts

Nowadays, many people work home. Comfortable home office decor can improve work efficiency and make us happy. Check out tips for home office decor!

In this period, people are forced to spend most of their time at home. Studying or working at home seems to be an essential part of life. Therefore, the home office has become increasingly popular. The right home office decor can make work at home much more pleasant. When it comes to home office setup, there are some tricks to avoid and some suggestions to follow. To help you figure it out, we've listed the dos and don'ts of the home office design. If you are looking for some home office decor inspiration, here are some things you need to know. Read on!

Do: Think over the location & layout

The first step is to select the perfect location for your home office. Many people prefer working in a quiet, isolated room. Whereas, some prefer to make the home office multifunctional so it can serve both as a guest room and a study room. There is no right or wrong answer here. What is important is to determine what you need from the room.

As you select a location, consider the home office layout: how will each part of the room be divided. For office layout planning, you may need to consider traffic flow and your working habit. Workspace and storage areas are fundamental sections, which are alterable according to your preferences. There could be some other sections as well, such as a brainstorming area with a chalkboard. Focus on your needs and be creative. The perfect layout is already in your mind.


Don't: Waste the storage space

The storage space of a home office should not be ignored. In fact, the modern home office is sometimes decorated in the style of a personal library. In order to keep many books in this room, you may have to utilize the horizontal and vertical space to the fullest extent possible. The built-in cabinet can be an extremely helpful storage solution, especially for a small home office. Moreover, you can install display cabinets in the room. Viewing your gorgeous collections (regardless of what they are) will certainly soothe you after an exhausting day at the home office.


Do: Make the room bright

Reading and working require sufficient light. Bright home office designs can protect your eyes from strain and fatigue. Normally, natural light is considered the best. A work desk located next to a window is a good choice since it can provide sufficient light and enhance ventilation. In case of dull weather, a reading lamp could be useful. And there are so many book shelves in the area, lights between layers are essential additions. A lamp or reading light. These strip lights (shown in the photos) are not only used for illumination, but also for mood setting.



Don't: Choose the DIY furniture

There are plenty of home office desk and chair in the market. Even though the online shopping is very convenient nowadays, when you choosing the office desk and chair, the best option is still to walk into the store and feel it by your own. Really think it throguh, you may need to spend hours and even days on that desk and chair. A poor designed set can seriously hurt your back and bottom.


Do: Add some plants

Plants add vitality and act as natural air purifiers, which is also a pleasant way to set the mood inside the office. Maintaining healthy air quality within your home office is essential to providing a conducive environment for focusing. They are not only beneficial in purifying the air, but also in relaxing the eyes. The color green can ease your eyes when you have been staring at screens for a long time. But do not forget that you may need to give the plants more attention. Otherwise, they may become a breeding ground for pests.


Don't: Ignore the colors

The color scheme sets the tone for the office decor. For a small home office, dark colors will make the space appear narrower, so a bright white may be a better choice. Besides, we recommend the use of color combinations. Gray, white, and woodgrain are all ideal colors for home office decor. By mixing them, you can create a stylish and modern home office. If you want to create an inspiring spot, yellow and orange are excellent choices. After considering the actual space, you may choose the colors based on your preference, as you know exactly what you want.


Do: Get the perfect door

For blocking out noise, a soundproof door is a necessity for your home office decor. No doubt, you would not want to be distracted by the sounds of cooking, television, or anything else. An office needs to be quiet so that you may focus on your work. By installing a soundproof interior door, you can create a completely private workspace for studying and working.


Source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/interior-doors-ydg028d 


I hope you can get inspirations from this articles. If you are looking for new home office design for your home office, feel free to contact OPPEIN. Our experts will design the office to meet all your needs and let you work comfortably.

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