Best Grey Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

A detailed overview of the vast range of grey kitchen cabinet ideas.

As the most representative neutral color, grey remains a timeless charm for home decor. Grey kitchen cabinets are still one of the hottest choices on the market. Its versatile feature makes the color can be mixed in classic or modern kitchen cabinets, making it a perfect fit for both styles. The excellent compatibility is one of the reasons why most consumers choose grey kitchen cabinets. If you are confused by the colorful kitchen cabinets in the store, let us show you some stylish grey kitchens that are fresh and sophisticated. By seeing these chic collections, you will find the ideal one for your kitchen design. Read on!

Grey Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

1. Light grey kitchen cabinets


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Slightly change the density of black, and we get the beautiful and smooth light grey. This color can create a kitchen with the ultimate modern sense, and the grey kitchen cabinets fill the room with unrivaled tranquility.

2. Dark grey kitchen cabinets


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Dark grey shades bring a totally different sense to the kitchen cabinet design. This moody dark grey kitchen conveys a distinctive industrial style to make a chic and unique cookery space. Need kitchen cabinet ideas to be boutique and dramatic? Get dark grey paint cabinets and create your exclusive kitchen.

3. Grey and white kitchen cabinets


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Opt for contrasting colors to add visual interest! Two-tone grey and white kitchen cabinets are one of the most preferred combinations. Using these contrasting colors in the kitchen creates a classic and luxurious appearance. You can choose a lighter or darker shade of grey. The combination with white kitchen ideas is always an excellent choice!

4. Blue grey kitchen cabinets


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Mixing two muted colors in the kitchen space and how will it perform? This blue-grey kitchen provides a perfect answer. The understated color scheme ideally cools down the kitchen space. Fitted with ambiance lighting, the kitchen cabinets exude a luxurious and modern touch.

5. Navy and grey kitchen cabinets


Grey and navy blue make a beautiful combination in modern kitchen design. Choose the grey color for the wall cabinets and navy blue for the base cabinets. In the middle, a white countertop completes the delightful combination.

6. Grey kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets


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Oak wood cabinets set a natural tone for the cooking space, and grey wall cabinets are an accentuating feature of the kitchen design. Frameless cabinet fronts with embedded light strips present a striking modern appearance.

7. Grey shaker kitchen cabinet


Adding the shaker style is an excellent idea for grey kitchen cabinets. Grey shaker cabinets are the perfect choice if you prefer a more traditional style. If you want to make the space more spacious, white or light countertops are ideal. Regardless of the type of kitchen decor or kitchen features you choose, grey shaker cabinets look elegant and timeless. In short, you can never go wrong with the shaker grey kitchen.

8. Farmhouse grey kitchen cabinetry


If we are talking about the most compatible style for grey kitchen cabinets, the farmhouse style would be the one that stands out. The natural wood elements and old-fashioned shaker doors seamlessly blend and create a country-style aesthetic. Like something classical and timeless? Get a farmhouse grey kitchen.

9. Charcoal grey kitchen cabinetry


The charcoal-hued kitchen cabinets are adorned with brass hardware to create a look of traditional elegance. With crown molding on the wall cabinets and smooth lacquered surfaces, this beautiful charcoal grey kitchen has the detail of a classic-style kitchen but with modern touches.

10. Grey green kitchen cabinets


By adding little green shades to the grey, you can create a fresh and delightful green-grey kitchen. With green-grey kitchen cabinets, your cooking area will be filled with an inviting and soothing sense. Therefore, if you love a cozy atmosphere in the house, this is a delicate color you should never miss. 

Grey Kitchen Cabinets Design Tips

Dark grey kitchen cabinets


Modern grey kitchen cabinetry will wow you in ways you never imagined. The cabinet hue will take your kitchen décor to the next level. Grey is a suitable backdrop color for any style or decor since it is a neutral hue defined by emotional absence and a lack of vitality.
Here are some grey kitchen ideas to assist you to figure out how to effectively style grey cabinetry in your kitchen.

1. Two-Tone Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Two-tone grey kitchen cabinets


This two-toned kitchen is modern and sleek with subway accent wall that truly pops. Using two colors of grey in your cabinets can give your kitchen an elegant appeal. The transitional cabinet colors will bring a lot of character to your kitchen.

2. Grey Kitchen Cabinet with Subway Tile

 Grey kitchen cabinets with a subway tile


Unique backsplashes are popular in kitchen design right now, but a classic subway tile is often the most classic and appealing option. This stunning grey kitchen may not be large, but the subtle grey cabinetry adds depth without making the space feel dark.

3. Dark Grey Glossy Kitchen Cabinet

Dark grey kitchen cabinets


This style is not for the faint of heart, but it is certainly eye-catching. If you want a dark grey that borders on black, this dark grey cabinet is ideal for you. This area radiates charm and refinement, thanks to brass faucets and white countertops.

4. Consider a grey Pantry

A grey pantry


A floor-to-ceiling standing pantry, like this one, is a fantastic way to embrace the grey kitchen design. This grey will look stunning in almost any kitchen.

5. Play Around with the Backsplash

Gray kitchen cabinets with a wood tone backsplashSource: Source: 

grey comes in so many different tones that it's an exceptionally adaptable color. It enables you to add textures and dimension to your kitchen by pairing grey cabinetry with a beautiful backsplash.

6. Integrate with Pendant Lighting

Grey kitchen cabinets with a pendant lighting


Pair pendant lighting with your sleek grey units to up the luxurious factor in your kitchen. This exquisite blend of metallic shine and soft neutrals creates an instantly stylish atmosphere. This area exemplifies why we can't have enough of mettalic and grey. 

7. Add a Splash of Blue

Grey kitchen cabinets with a hint of blue


grey with a dash of blue is a terrific way to add a splash of color that won't feel old in a few years for individuals who like brighter colors. Grey cabinetry with a little bluish undertone adds to the beauty of this snug and inviting kitchen. You may achieve a similar impression in your space by experimenting with different grey tones.

8. Grey Texture Kitchen Cabinetry

Grey kitchen cabinets


To avoid your grey cabinets from being too basic, add textures such as shiplap walls, white countertops, and décor accents. This kitchen has a hood, cabinets, and doors in a grey that complements the white countertop. When combined with a brilliant white peninsula, the result is an elegant high-contrast aesthetic that for sure keeps the mood under control.

9. Grey Kitchen with Dark Floors

Grey kitchen cabinets paired with a dark floor


Dark flooring with grey cabinetry may appear uninviting to some, but this room suggests otherwise. The black floor emphasizes the tinge of white on the peninsula cabinets making the entire place feel like a beautifully constructed artist's loft.

10. Combine Neutrals

Grey kitchen cabinets


Neutral kitchens are clearly it, whether you choose beige, white, or grey. To create a pleasant, inviting environment, this kitchen designer used both white, wood, and grey. As a result, the palette is peaceful and tranquil, which will undoubtedly stimulate additional culinary sessions. If you want to experiment with your neutral hues, add decorations, plants, or centerpieces to create a dramatic impression in your kitchen.

11. Grey Kitchen with Brass Accents

Dove grey kitchen with brass accents


Gold and brass elements are amazing, especially in a grey kitchen, and this renovation demonstrates how brass and grey can truly shine together. By mixing grey flooring and grey cabinetry with hints of brass accents, you can create an attractive kitchen that you'll never get tired of cooking or dining in.

12. Concentrate on the Island

Grey kitchen island


If you can't stomach the thought of giving up your all-white kitchen, try a grey island instead. The combination of white and grey is a tried-and-true scheme that always works, regardless of the size of the room. The addition of white and grey cabinets improves the kitchen's aesthetic attractiveness.

13. Include Edgy Details

Grey kitchen with an edge


Pairing edgy items with grey cabinetry adds an unconventional yet attractive touch to your décor ideas. Just go wild, you can add orange colored upholsters like this one or throw in some plants or centerpieces that intrigue you.

14. A Rustic Getaway

Gray kitchen cabinets with a wood tone backsplash


Combine light-toned grey cabinetry with a wooden backsplash and white worktops to create a rustic refuge in your kitchen.

15. Accentuate with Furniture

Grey kitchen with an edge


To add an elegant touch, pair statement furniture with grey cabinetry, such as island bar chairs or stools.


grey kitchen cabinets are quite adaptable and can be paired with virtually anything. If you are unsure about your cabinet design, please contact our team of professionals at Oppein. We are always willing to assist.

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