Great Success of OPPEIN in 100 SHOWROOMS Exhibition

Juan López-Baldomá Carretero, Chile country manager of OPPEIN, and his team have got a successful ending in the 100 SHOWROOMS Exhibition, which is dedicated to the display of design objects for architecture, decoration and interior design, held from July 31st to Aug 2nd 2014 in Santiago Chile.


When it comes to the exhibition stand decoration, Juan said that he wants to give customers a “different” stand look: an artistic lamp in the ceiling, real turf on the floor, Oppein sleek kitchen cabinets standing quietly in the corner, all of these are elaborately decorated and perfectly combined together. From the crowed people around Oppein stand, we know Juan has achieved it.



After the exhibition, Juan said he was exhausted, yet excited. Below is his personal experience:

“To the fair attended more than 6000 people, I cannot tell you the exact amount we had at the stand, because there were too many asking for the brand, touching and exploring OPPEIN modules, our stand was one of the most popular, but we have about 150 potential customers interested in buying kitchens, most of them are architects and interior designers, but also we had regular people interested, we made a list and started to call them and set meetings in the store.”



We are so happy that many customers in the exhibition are so interested in OPPEIN products and want to know more. Your choice is right, below are our reasons.

Why choose OPPEIN?

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