Former S.r.l. to be acquired by OPPEIN Home

In May 10th, Italy-based furniture company Former S.r.l. was acquired by OPPEIN Home.


Former, established in 1967 and based in Cantù, is a pioneer in the field of Italian design. The company is excellent at combining technology with beauty to develop functional modular systems of home decoration. Former's designers go beyond the stereotypical neutral to create seemingly invisible wardrobes that blend with the environment. Wardrobes and cabinets become protagonists of the space and determine the architectural division.


As China's leading company in home improvement, OPPEIN has always been committed to creating innovative style home furnishing products. OPPEIN has been involved in Italian design trends since 2016, with a Milan-based design office and strategic collaboration with designers such as Marco Bortolin and Sergio Castiglia. The acquisition of Former is a significant milestone in the development of OPPEIN in high-end interior design.          


After the acquisition, the company launched a new brand - miForm, in June, which is positioned as a high-end interior brand that infuses the elegant design and elaborate craftsmanship of Former. As a vision of  OPPEIN and Former, this new brand will become one of the most prominent names in curated interior design in China.



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