Five Tips to Design a Small Kitchen

For many house owners, the interior design of small units has always been a troublesome thing.

For many house owners, the interior design of small units has always been a troublesome thing. For highly functional kitchen, the renovation problems need to be paid more attention. So how to decorate the kitchen, can not only meet the functional requirements but also look beautiful and stylish? Here, OPPEIN shares with you the small kitchen tips.


Tips 1: Built-In Kitchen Appliances is the First Choice

Because it is a small kitchen decoration, we should try to make the best use in space. Embedded kitchen appliances can effectively save the interior space of the kitchen. For example, embedded range hood can be directly installed in the kitchen cabinet. It can be opened when needed and closed after used to make the whole space more tidy and

Tips 2: Straight-Line and L-Shaped Layout is Most Reasonable

Straight-line is best for small to medium sized homes with a narrow kitchen, this layout keeps the workflow running in a straight line. L-shaped is perfect for adding a small dining table. Both are fit for small kitchen.



Tips 3: Pay Attention to Storage Function

Since the kitchen supplies are numerous and miscellaneous while the kitchen area is small, the placement of these items may appear disorganized. Then we should take into account that small kitchen should be as far as possible to achieve optimal storage function. A large number of items can be stored in your kitchen with a Lazy Susan. Not only make full use of the space but also make the kitchen more harmonious and complete.


Tips 4: Select and Place Cookware Appropriately

It is very important to pay attention to the measurements of all of the electrical appliances and to place them at a correct distance one from the other so that you have a comfortable kitchen work triangle. This distance between the burner, oven and fridge is especially imperative in small kitchens in order to avoid a situation in which one can’t open the oven because the fridge is adjacent to it and the handles collide with one another.


Tips 5: Choose Light Color Surfaces

As far as coloration is concerned, in small kitchens ,it is better to use light surfaces that open up the kitchen. White material is very elegant and also very easy to clean and maintain. In general, these designs are very clean and therefore you almost never use artefacts that burden the eye.  Less is more, especially in small kitchens.



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