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  • Do you supply kitchen accessories and appliances together with kitchen cabinet?

    Yes, we do. We also have our own brand as well as imported accessories and appliances. Contact us to get more details.

  • What kinds of materials does OPPEIN kitchen use for doors?

    Based material: MDF/Plywood/Particle board. More details please check this link:
    Door finishes: Solid wood, Wood veneer, Metal foil, Lacquer, PVC, Acrylic, Laminated, Melamine.Please find details from the link :

  • What brand of hardware does OPPEIN use?

    We use high quality hardware brand, such as Blum of Austria and Hettich of Germany. More details about OPPEIN globle partners. Please find details from the link :

  • What is your product range?

    We supply customized kitchen cabinet,wardrobe,vanity,interior door and other intieror home furniture.

  • Can you send your product catalogue?

    Please download from the link .