2022 European Style Hinged Wardrobe for Sale - BLANCA

2022 European Style Hinged Wardrobe for Sale - BLANCA
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Style: European Minimalism  Door Finish: PVC/ Melamine
OPPEIN 2022 new custom wardrobe debut - Blanca series. The fitted wardrobe design is inspired by the famous love movie "Casablanca". The product is mainly white, combined with the three-dimensional texture of the meteor, and is decorated with gold to restore the romantic exotic love story on the Atlantic coast.


The handle "Bridge" is a Red Dot Award-winning design, with simple lines and a bridge concept to connect and customize. The three-dimensional blister process incorporates the two-toned meteor texture into the board. The wavy door panel is subtracted on the basis of the European design language, and the cabinet door is milled with a simple line decoration, and the overall three-dimensional coordination of the space.


The living room is arranged in irregular lines, making the shooting stars within easy reach. The three-dimensional blister process and the Renolit film imported from Germany are used to make the texture delicate and delicate.


The restaurant uses diamond-shaped gold lines to break through the limitations of the plane, and it is more luxurious under the warm light; the wavy door panel of the sideboard is more flexible and embellished in the flat and straight space.




The hinged wardrobe in the bedroom adopts the handle "Bridge". White wardrobe's combination of simple lines, sloping edges and concave-convex texture on the front reproduces the rationalist architectural design. The metal rack and the back of the golden rhombus wood grain complement each other, highlighting the light and luxurious style.



About Products

Q: Do you supply accessories together with wardrobes?

A: Yes, we do. We also have our own brand as well as imported accessories. Contact us to get more details.


Q: What kinds of materials does OPPEIN use for cabinets doors?

A: Based material: MDF/Plywood/Particle board. More details please check this link: https://www.oppeinhome.com/kitchen/basic-wood-materials 

Door finishes: Solid wood, Wood veneer, Metal foil, Lacquer, PVC, Acrylic, Laminated, Melamine.


Q: What brand of hardware does OPPEIN use?

A: We use high quality hardware brand, such as Blum of Austria and Hettich of Germany. More details about OPPEIN globle partners. Please find details from the link : https://www.oppeinhome.com/about-oppein/global-partners 


Q: How about warranty?

A: We supply 5-year warranty for  wood products and 1-year warranty for electrical appliance.


Q: What is your product range?

A: We supply customized kitchen cabinet,wardrobe,vanity,interior door and other intieror home furniture.


Q: Can you send your product catalogue?

A: Please download from the link https://www.oppeinhome.com/download   .


About Price

Q: Can you send your price list?

A: We would like to give an idea about price for your reference, please send us your floor plan to get a custom price. Contact us to get more details.


Q: What kinds of payment term do you do?

A: Normally we accept T/T, 30% deposit should be paid before production, and balance paid before shipping.  Contact us to get more details.


Q: What price term do you do?

A: We quote FOB price if enough for one 20ft container, otherwise we quote EXW price. Contact us to get more details.


Q: Should I pay for your design?

A: We do not charge for design,  but should be paid before design as down payment, it will be used as deposit.



How to Buy


Q: I want to buy your products, what is process?

A: The first step is preparing your size requirements and send to us. Our sales will guide you in the rest steps .


Q: It is my first time to import from China, what should I do?

A: Please do not worry, we will recommend professional forwarder to help you arrange shipment.

Please find details from the link : https://www.oppeinhome.com/oppein-service/delivery-shipment/




Wardrobes & Walk-in Closets for Sale in OPPEIN

+ Wardrobes by Color

Many people struggle with what color to choose for a custom wardrobe. It is recommended to choose light colors for the wardrobe. If the color is too dark, such as gray wardrobe, black wardrobe, etc., it will make people feel depressed for a long time. The color is too bright and not good. Over time, it will cause visual fatigue, make people feel irritable, and also affect sleep. Light colors help to relax the mind and calm the mind. It is recommended to use light-colored wardrobes, white wardrobes, beige wardrobes, beige, pink jade and other colors that are warmer and conducive to rest and sleep.

+ Types of Wardrobes

+ Customize Your Closet in OPPEIN

As one of the best closet factories/companies in China, OPPEIN offers three wardrobe types to match the various preferences of our customers. These are sliding-type wardrobes, hinged-type wardrobes, and walk-in-type wardrobes. If you are looking for a modern storage solution and don't need too much space in front, then a sliding type is ideal for your taste. If you prefer a traditional option and want to see the whole closet, then the hinged type is an appropriate choice. But if you really want to buy a wardrobe and make room for more essential items, then a walk-in closet is the best dressing room option.
You can get your wardrobe and walk-in closet here in OPPEIN. The fun part is that you can customize your own closet and even its storage accessories. More than that, we offer additional services, such as design, measurement, package, shipment, installation, and warranty. So if you like to start planning on your project, we can help you sort out what you really want with a reasonable closet price. Check out our recent offers in the product section and contact us today!


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!