Design Trend: Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy blue is a color that is traditional and timeless, creating a sophisticated look that will remain forever tasteful when used in interior decor. Like a midnight blue sky or the waters of the deep blue sea, navy blue will add depth to any space you use it in. Similar to the color black, you can almost never go wrong with navy blue.

When used in your kitchen, navy blue will add a touch of drama and mystery, yet remains refreshing when paired with uplifting shades like white, silver, or tan. As a traditional color comparable to black, navy blue works well on kitchen cabinets, walls, appliances, tiles, and accessories. Navy blue is also a terrific accent color, and add the perfect amount of contrast when used on statement spaces like backsplashes or island counters.

Here are 2 Ways to Use Navy Blue in Your Kitchen.


1. Cabinets

Navy blue is becoming a more popular color choice for kitchen cabinets, looking sophisticated with either a matte or gloss finish. Navy blue cabinets pair elegantly with quartz countertops, yet also work well with either polished or rustic wooden accents. Pair navy blue cabinets with coordinating white or gray subway tiles for a classic contrast that will always be complimentary.


2. Center Island Counter

Your island counter can become the star of your kitchen, being the space where you gravitate naturally to do everything from prep work to sharing a cup of coffee. Its also the perfect space to add a splash of color, creating instant contrast when the surrounding cabinets are kept neutral. Use navy blue on your center island counter to instantly add depth to your kitchen.


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