The design of customized wardrobes in 2018

Everything has its original idea, and the design of every commodity has its connotations.

Everything has its original idea, and the design of every commodity has its connotations. Therefore, the development of customized wardrobe has its design concept, and its design concept can be roughly divided into the following three elements. The tight combination of the three elements is presented in front of consumers in a full form, aiming at meeting different consumers' needs and consumption habits.

There are 3 design trends in 2018:

1.Simple and fashionable design elements

This design element is to create a life style of consumers.

With the simple and fashionable design elements, smooth lines, novel style of texture, soft and aesthetical color, durable hardware accessories, combination design, exquisite workmanship, the molded custom wardrobes are rendering a beautiful aesthetic taste of art. This provides a solid wardrobe for consumers to create a taste of life, and is an essential part of individual life for consumers.

2.Environmental and healthy design concept

This concept is going to protect consumers' physical and mental health.

Nowadays, it is an era of environmental protection and low carbon life. The concept of environmental health is a kind of innovation in the application of wardrobe. Many wardrobe enterprises choose the wardrobe material which is made from real wood in the natural world to reduce the use of chemical synthetic agents such as adhesives and improve the environmental performance. Some enterprises with high technical level use zero formaldehyde to release the waste gas, which has eliminated the contact between formaldehyde and human body. The wardrobe which is made of environmentally friendly and healthy materials plays a decisive role in protecting consumers' physical and mental health.


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3.Fulfill the personal demand of human

People orient layout to meet the DIY demand mode of consumers

The space layout of wardrobe cannot simply displayed as a functional list, but should fundamentally meet the consumption needs of various consumer groups. Women with more clothing and ornaments should set up a number of accessories and different series of suspension areas. The active children should consider the height and size of the wardrobe based on their height, characteristics and habits. Taking into account the details of life and other details of life to design wardrobe to meet the different needs of consumers, truly realizes the people-oriented design concept.



Let's see 3 main the wardrobe styles together.



1.Pastoral style wardrobe: nature, simplicity, cordial.

pastoral style emphasizes simple, natural, so the garden style wardrobe in design is also based in white or natural wood color. The surface is decorated with simple lines or wireless bars. The wardrobe uses the natural texture of wood directly, so that the home environment can return to nature.

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2.European style wardrobe: elegant, fashionable, beautiful.

European style uses a variety of European patterns. The simple European style wardrobe products are mostly light color, and sculptured or pressed on the surface with European style and lines, which can make the home environment have more artistic temperament.



3.American style wardrobe: free, comfortable, distinguish.

The early American wardrobe shows rough feature with unprocessed texture on the material and tone, and the free combination of all kinds of needs is the focus of the American style wardrobe. Influenced by traditional handcrafts in Mexico, aboriginal totem and all kinds of log colors make American wardrobe very popular with people, and make American space more distinctive.


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