White Kitchen Cabinets Among those gorgeous, which one would you vote?

If I want buy a pure and timeless cabinet, what kind of cabinet would you suggest? Well due to its purity and elegant tone, white cabinet may be a priority to many of us.

If I want buy a pure and timeless cabinet, what kind of cabinet would you suggest? Well due to its purity and elegant tone, white cabinet may be a priority to many of us.

But sincerely ——

what on earth makes a white cabinet outstanding?

There are 4 colleagues who have white cabinet in home, and this question really stir up a small debate among the office cubicle. Hurry up! Take a look and vote your favorite cabinet!

Andy: Simple and elegant bachelor


Andy: I chose the white cabinet with no more decorations or patterns, the veneer processed with matte white paint is modern and elegant— it's really a whole integration.

As for the function, this cabinet can be really a magic box, it allows so large a storage that I can always find the right place for every stuff and keep the whole kitchen clean, you know how important it is for a single man.





white cabinet

Tina: Pure and natural Scandinavia style


Tina: My kitchen is in a typical North European style. My friends always said that it spread a warmth as well as timeless atmosphere.The light brown oak open shelf help make daily cooking more convenient, also is a stylish decoration. Besides, add a warm white base-cabinet with transparent glass door can assist my kitchen life.

The enclosed cabinet doors make all clutter invisible, thus can always keep the kitchen tidy.





Janice: The sweetest family life!


Janice: Different from yours , my cabinet is made of fire-prevention board and with glossy white paint finish, which is functional and more fashionable, the beige wooden board add more warmth and elegance.It's perfect for family get-together, and when I'm cooking, other family members will help prepare food materials by the island. We can all sit down and enjoy a meal by the dining table as soon as the cooking is done. A meal cooked by whole family, isn't it sweet?

kitchen design2.jpeg



Colin: Excellent small kitchen!


Colin: Well my white kitchen cabinet is small in size, but is completed in function at the same time.

It's U-shape, shows a very simple and exquisite modern style, and contains all the necessary sections for cooking, backing and cleaning, white cupboard above head ensures enough storage. The extensional dinning countertop is also a small interaction section. Can you imagine that a party can still be thrown when my friends get together here? I believe my kitchen cabinet makes the most of limited space.




Seems like we can all find a thousand reasons for loving a versatile white kitchen cabinet.

Well, the debate is still on, since they can't come to a conclusion, we decide to ask all the colleagues to vote. All of us love white cabinet, but which one will you finally vote?


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