20 Creative Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

A detailed look at the top 20 creative small bathroom storage ideas.


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Before you look for a bathroom vanity manufacturer for a new bathroom, there are a few factors to consider. Are you making the best use of the space you have? Do you hang, hook, shelf, and stack items both vertically and horizontally? Can you make a more efficient effort? Can you, for instance, roll your robes or towels instead of folding them? Is your design genuinely usable? Can you utilize it? Will your children use it? Installing sophisticated shelves and hooks is meaningless if your family ignores them.

Don't be alarmed if this seems like a lot to think about. When it comes to researching and curating small bathroom storage solutions, we've already done the legwork for you. Here are a few ideas for reorganizing your toiletries and towel during your next bathroom cleaning session.

1. Locker Style Storage


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Don't be hesitant to experiment with storage that isn't normally associated with the bathroom. The locker-style cabinet is idealfor storing anything from towels to toilet paper while also adding a stylish and industrial touch to the area. Always keep it dry and away from splashes and humidity.

With this behind-the-door hack, you can increase the storage capacity of your small bathroom cabinet. Attach a magnetic message board to the inside of the door to transform it into a storage center for tiny grooming equipment and beauty supplies. To keep objects, use slim magnetic containers & hooks, or attach magnets to the rear ends of cosmetic products to adhere them immediately to the door. Make certain that goods are arranged such that the door can still be opened.

2. Maximize on Built-In-Cabinets


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Built-in cabinets are an excellent method to expand the amount of storage in your lavatory. By choosing customized storage, you can make the most of every square inch of available space. This is especially handy in tight spaces, such as the space beneath the rafters in this bathroom. Finding a ready-made device to fit this area would have been nearly impossible. When choosing bespoke cabinets, keep in mind the lengthy lead time. Because items are developed, hand-built, and fitted, it can often take weeks or even months from inquiry to installation.

3. Choose a Masterpiece Tallboy


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Tallboys are a terrific bathroom organizer alternative if you want to add a huge amount of extra storage to your tiny bathroom since they provide considerable shelves and cabinet space while taking up minimum floor space. Stow tallboy bathroom cabinet can have both open and closed storage, allowing you to show and stow your bathroom trinkets.

4. Make the Most of Unusual Areas


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If your room is lacking in floor space, a tall, thin cabinet will provide enough of little bathroom storage while taking up minimal space. In fact, you'll be astonished at how much it can hold. Ragrund shelving units are generally 33cm wide and will accommodate even the smallest of gaps.

In a tiny bathroom, placing open shelves near the shower screen is a creative method to keep your baskets and towels from getting wet.

5. Cabinets with Mirrors


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Are you starting from scratch and seeking small bathroom storage ideas? Anything that serves two functions saves room, and a three-in-one mirror cabinet and open shelf check all of our boxes. Integrated storage will make your bathroom much more tidy and chic, and a streamlined look is another benefit of being clutter-free.

6. Freestanding Bathroom Storage


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This type of ladder shelf is ideal for displaying a variety of practical or decorative items without taking up too much space. A floor standing towel rack is especially handy in leased houses, providing a space for your towels to dry without jeopardizing your deposit. For a spa-like atmosphere, match the hue of your wood like to the tiles or walls.

7. Make Use of Your Shower Walls

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Shower caddies are an innovative little bathroom storage option, whether you are leasing (which makes drilling into tiles impossible) or just do not want to put holes in your wall. The sleek Umbra Cubico black caddy hooked at the top of your shower will look wonderful while storing amenities. Adding a few hooks for linens and towels will free up floor space and reduce the need for a closet or storage system. Then, for a fun decorating moment, utilize a window sill to showcase a small art piece and vase.

8. Incorporate Sleek Design Shelving Above a Sink


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When space is limited and no wall-mounted bathroom storage is available, turn to the area above the sink. It's generally a vacant spot anyhow, and you may wall mount storage that would otherwise be too prominent elsewhere in the room. If you want to add some flair and style to the room, pick open shelves, or a slimline cupboard if you need somewhere to hide possible clutter. 

9. Make the Most of the Space Under the Sink


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You can't afford to overlook space beneath the sink in the tiniest of bathrooms, such as powder rooms and en-suites. Choose a unit that is small but has as much storage as possible – that implies shelves or drawers.

10. Repurpose Second Hand Furniture 

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Another idea for incorporating your personal style into a small bathroom is to build a vanity out of old furniture. Look on eBay for a unit that will fit in your space, and then have your plumber install your sink on top.

11. Slide in a Bar Stool


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When your bathroom doesn't have enough space for storage as it is and you don't plan on remodeling, it's time to get creative and slip in a stool. It creates more surface space for extra objects and helps conceal necessities like toilet paper.

12. Accessorize With a Cart

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Convert a bar cart into a rolling bathroom storage cart. Swap shakers and glassware with towels and creams, or set up a hair-styling or pedicure station on the move. Simply roll the unit into a corner when you need more space until you need it again.

13. Use a Ladder


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By placing a wooden ladder against the wall, you may provide extra storage space for your toiletries in a stylish way. It adds more dimension than a typical wall shelf and looks more distinctive. It also softens the more angular concrete sink.

14. Opt For Handle-Free Drawers


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This may sound obvious, but custom drawers beneath the sink are the most practical way to keep your space clutter-free. Set aside one drawer for your hot tools—nothing there's worse than burning yourself on iron while it cools on the countertop.

15. Include a Hamper


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Also, make sure you have a place to store old linens. In a guest bathroom, this is extremely crucial. Plus, hampers are fashionable.

16. Stacking on Stacking

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Is there no room? No worries. Three stacked floating shelves are all that are required to provide extra space for towels, soap, and even design elements. Extra toilet paper should be kept in a tray on top of the toilet.

17. Floating Dividing Box


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You can neatly store anything from toothbrushes to cosmetics and skincare items by placing a divider box directly over the sink. Everything will have its own place, allowing you to avoid frantically searching through drawers for that moisturizer to never be late in the morning.

18. Invest in Ingenious Organizers

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If you get the correct organizer, you'll always know where everything is. If you love make-up, for instance, this brush rack will melt your heart.

19. Hanging Bags


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Hanging little canvas bags on hooks is an easy way to add some creative storage to any bathroom, no matter how big or small. Choose bags with wacky patterns for the greatest outcomes.

20. Oaky Toned Shelving Unit


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Oaky tones are ideal for the bathroom. If you want to achieve a rustic look, ensure your storage fits the décor. This shelf unit blends metal and wood in an unrefined, yet glam style.


Having a limited place does not necessitate you to compromise on your toiletries storage. Go ahead, be creative and incorporate any of the above-mentioned tips to make the most of every square inch of your bathroom. Don't compromise on quality, choose from the finest cabinet maker. If you're looking for long-lasting, low-cost bathroom cabinets, OPPEIN has a large selection to cater to all our unique clients' needs.

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