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Congratulations to OPPEIN New Showroom in Indonesia

03 August 2018
Congratulations to OPPEIN franchised showrooms INFORMA CUSTOM FURNITURE + in Indonesia was officially open for business on 27th July, 2018. INFORMA was one of the most influential furniture stores in local market, the latest OPPEIN products will be displayed in INFORMA stores, welcome to have a visit, learn and experience OPPEIN latest products.

Address : Living Plaza Balikpapan, Gunung Bahagia, Balikpapan Selatan, Kota Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur 76114


INFORMA sales team is professional to recommend the most suitable products for you. We also make to your request, all OPPEIN products can be customized by different layout, sizes and styles. let’s have a review of the opening day.



INFORMA custom furniture + has been well received by the local people, and local newspapers have also made relevant reports.


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