Congratulations on OPPEIN’s IPO on 28th March, 2017

OPPEIN (stock code: 603833) was officially listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 28, 2017. OPPEIN issue price of 50.08 yuan / share, the issue size of 4151 million shares, accounting for 10% of its total issued share capital.


Founded in 1994, OPPEIN firstly brought “the integral kitchen” concept into China, and it has grown to be the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia. OPPEIN mainly engaged in personalized design, research and production, sales and installation services of the integral products, like kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom, wooden doors, and other customized products.

By the end of 2015, OPPEIN products were embraced by 118 countries with exceptional designs and professional one-stop project service.


To celebrate this wonderful event, OPPEIN held a customer appreciation party on the evening of 28th March at the Guangzhou Stadium Hall , and Chinese stars Wang Feng, Sha Baoliang, Mao Amin and other stars also made a great performance.



Mr. Yao, the founder and CEO of OPPEIN, also had important speak in the party. He summed up the development process of OPPEIN over the past 20 years, and made an wish that OPPEIN can constantly innovate and go beyond itself.

Sale event is also held to celebrate OPPEIN listing during 21st March,2017 to 4th April, 2017. Several hot sale products in lower price are launched for our customers to enjoy the happiness with OPPEIN. Additional $200 coupons are also hand out during the event period.OPPEIN-LISTING.gif


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