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Congratulate to Johor Bahru Showroom Opened Grandly in Malaysia

16 July 2015

Johor Bahru, OPPEIN showroom in Malaysia, had held a opening ceremony grandly on Saturday, July 11th, 2015. This was the thirteen showrooms in Malaysia.

Many important person attend it and witnessed this grand moment. OPPEIN Inc sales director Mr Sam Kwan was in attendance. Local high officials, as well as investores, suppliers, and jounalists also took part in the splendid ceremony.

The opening ceremony was organized very successful. It began at 9:00 am and lasted to 9:00 pm. There prepared many brilliant shows and performances. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at 12:00 am, and then a OPPEIN video introduced Oppein products to customers. After a lunch buffer, showing Oppein products and registering opening sales promotion as a perfect end of the ceremony.

The grand Opening Sales during the ceremony as below:

【9:00am – 9:00pm July,11th】

1、Enjoy RM 6,888 rebat

2、4 vounchers 50% discount of complete kitchen set

3、50 special gifts to be given away

4、2 ways to win more than RM 100,000.00

This is a win-win cooperation for OPPEIN and Johor Bahru,

specializes in cabinetry manufacutreing and has over 20 years excellent experience, and could offer Johor Bahru the best cabinets source support. While Johor Bahru could let OPPEIN be familiared by more and more people in Malaysia. OPPEIN is looking forward more win-win cooperation, if you need our support like Johor Bahru, please contact us.  Contac OPPEIN


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