Congratulate to Bangalore Showroom Opened Grandly in India

This is the 4th Oppein showroom in India.Oppein Bangalore showroom is about 300 square meters, the showcase samples included 4 sets of kitchen cabinets, 2 sets of bathroom cabinets, shower rooms and so on.

This opening ceremony lasted from 6pm to 9pm. About 300 customers attended this opening ceremony. Since lots of them are architects and designers, they were very interested in the OPPEIN products, especially for the design concept and structure. Therefore, some of our customers put up some question, including the quality of OPPEIN products, the style of products and the full house customization etc.

Boss and shop assistants of the showroom answered their inquiries professionally and patiently in the scene.

Oppein Bangalore showroom is about 300 square meters, the showcase samples included 4 sets of kitchen cabinets, 2 sets of bathroom cabinets, shower rooms and so on.

Below is the scene of the new India showroom.↓↓↓





Asia’s top cabinet maker ( Oppein Home Group, Inc.) opened showroom in Bangalore



Showroom Scene

At the opening ceremony, Bangalore showroom carried out a series of promotional activities. Before the ceremony, many customers were waiting in the dinner room as well as looked forward for the interesting activities and snacks. Besides, OPPEIN provided customers with lots of delicious food and exquisite gifts.

Therefore, customers had spent a very happy time with OPPEIN staff in the showroom. How excited the showroom opening ceremony it was! ↓↓↓



Customers enjoyed the dinner

In addition, some customers were especially interested in the products of Oppein Bangalore showroom. They looked around in the showroom and put up their individual questions. It is worth noting that, there were several kinds of products material displayed in the showroom, some guest learned to distinguish the materials and bought the proper products they need.

What impressed me is that, three local guest who just came to wandering around the showroom finally decided to buy OPPEIN kitchen cabinet for their house.





In a word, congratulations to Bangalore showroom’s opening and hope it achieves more success. We hope that OPPEIN products can give you a good experience and achieve your comfortable life.



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