Closer Cooperation, Better Achievement-Indonesia showroom

From 27th.Nov to 10th.Dec, OPPEIN new showroom in Indonesia, named Informa, has joined in a comprehensive training in OPPEIN headquarters.


On this trip, 10 teammates in Informa came to visit headquarters and attended the training.

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Before the training, we made a detailed schedule for the teammates, the courses included basic knowledge for panel and structure, design, quotation and software usage.

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All the teammates are very conscientious to learn the knowledge and skills. Even back to hotel, they would review the key points and learn to solve some problems.

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How to evaluate the Informa teammates? In conclusion, work hard, play hard.

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When it’s time to relax, all teammates were willing to join us and have fun with us. You can see they really spent a blissful week together.

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Moreover, the Informa teammates are enthusiastic and happy to join in the activities in headquarters, getting in touch with different colleagues.

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Only 14 days, not only Informa teammates can get key knowledge about products, design, quotation, and installation, which is better to open their new market in local, but we build up a strong relationship between each other, which is better for our long-term cooperation.

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Hope all of us can reach better achievement in the following years, expanding the share of OPPEIN in Indonesia.

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OPPEIN will open more showrooms in global, we will provide the training courses for the teammates of showrooms, helping the showrooms run more smoothly. Welcome to join us.


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!