How to Clean and Maintain Wardrobe2

Integral wardrobe is popular because of its elegant appearance and relatively long service life.

Integral wardrobe is popular because of its elegant appearance and relatively long service life. Of course, The service life can’t be separated from the quality of itself. But daily maintenance and cleaning is also very important. Here are some cleaning and maintenance methods about different parts of integral wardrobe.


Door Panel

The materials of wardrobes’ door panels are often more varied than carcase. Different material of wardrobe is a great influence on integral wardrobe’ s price. We should select appropriate cleaning tools and cleaning methods according to different materials.

Solid Wood

Solid wood door panels are usually made of some rare hardwood. When cleaning it, choose a professional cleaning solution sprayed onto a clean cotton cloth, then wipe evenly, until the


Artificial door

This is the most common door material. Glass is the typical one which is waterproof. So you can use semi-dry towel and gently wipe the glass door. However, glass door will become dirty when stained with fibers. To keep them clean, it is best to use a glass of water as a detergent, together with the newspaper to wipe it.


Aluminum Door

Detergent may let Aluminum lose its original luster. So you can use semi-dry towels to wipe it directly. Or you can use a special aluminum cleaner to restore it to its original appearance.


Leather door

Leather products are soft. Things too hard or sharp will cause physical damage on it. So try to use a soft cloth to wipe.


Hardware Accessories

Wardrobe hardware accessories including handle, lock, hinges, etc. They may be small, but play a significant role. Cleaning and maintenance of the hardware accessories are indispensable. It is suitable to use soft and dry cloth to wipe hardware accessories gently. Do not clean with chemical cleaners or acidic liquid. Otherwise it will lead to corrosion of metal parts.


Dust Cleaning Method

Hinges, hanging round, casters dust adhesion in prolonged operation may be due to dust adhesion and performance degradation. One or two drops of lubricating oil every half year can maintain its smoothness.


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