How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

Do you need any advice to choose floor and wall tiles for bathroom


Do you need any advice to choose floor and wall tiles for bathroom? Are you considering remodeling or decorating your bathroom? Since tile is a top choice for play an important role in bathroom remodeling and renovating, here are some tips provided for you from OPPEIN, a leading Chinese bathroom vanity supplier

1. Non-slip Tiles

Wet bathroom is easy to slip and strain, so when choosing the floor tiles of bathroom, we should give priority to its non-slip features. Here are some suggestions to choose glazed tile, if the glazing is insufficient, the surface will be very smooth, and it will be smoother during the process of using it.


2. Moisture-proof Tiles

Moisture-proof is the most important requirement for bathroom tiles. Moisture-proof doesn't mean that the wall and floor tiles can totally absorb the moisture of the bathroom, on the contrary, it refers to its features of preventing the influence of moisture. In general, the better of the quality of the tile, the lower the water absorption rate it is.

When it comes to the wall tiles, a certain degree of water absorption is needed to reduce the empty rate of wall tiles.

If you only use cement mortar without any tile adhesive, a certain water absorption rate such as 10% is needed.In addition, before paving the wall, adequate soaking time is necessary, 2-4 hours is appropiate.


3. Resistance and Persistence

Porcelain tile, which is a kind of tile that usually used in sinks and toilets, is hard and dense. Therefore, it is a good material for bathroom floors for it's a material well suited for moisture-prone rooms. Similarly, glazed ceramic tiles are suitable for walls.

Besides, durability and scratch resistance play an important role in decorating your bathroom. When it comes to the installation, tiles with high quality will pretty much last the life of the home.


4. Color Matching

Bathroom tiles should be consistent with the overall room style. A lighter colored tile is a wise choice, for light colors can achieve the visual effects of amplification by making a small bathroom a more spacious and bright space. In contrast, a small bathroom will appear depressing and narrow if you choosing a deeper color tile.


5. Size of Tiles

For bathroom wall tiles, small size, such as 20 cm tiles are the most appropriate choices. According to the visual psychology, large geometric pattern decoration will make a small bathroom appear smaller with the entire wall paste. Therefore, small tiles are the better decoration for your bathroom wall.

Varieties tiles may confuse you when decorating your bathroom, there are still some simple ways to make a decision.

Step one: Take A Look

Confirm the colors of tile is uniform, the surface is smooth while the pattern is intact. Then pick up some tiles to inspect whether the tiles have quality problem such as deformation, edges missing or angle defects, etc.

Step two: Listen to It

Tap the tiles with a hard object, the more crisp the sound, the better quality the tile is. What's more, leaving your left hand hanging down the tile, with your right hand knocking the bottom of the tile, superior product will make a crisp sound while the inferior may have a dull, turbid sound.

Step three:Have A Try

Drop a trip on the back of a tile, pay attention to the speed of water spreading out after the infiltration.A slower speed of water absorption indicates a greater density of the tile and vice versa.

Step four:Take measurements

Tiles with high accuracy of the sides may have a better paving effect. With a better quality, tiles can not only make an easier construction, but save time and accessory. Taping the tiles with caliper, if the size and edges of each tile have little difference, it may be a product with high quality.

Above all, do not forget to decide the tile style of your bathroom, no matter it is traditional or contemporary style. It's your choice whether use the same tile throughout of have some contrast. If you feel confused or overwhelmed it's better to consult an interior designer for your bathroom.


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