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Through the past 23 years, OPPEIN have accomplished more than 10,000 real estate projects in 118 countries worldwide. We especially provide whole house custom solution for commercial projects, including hotels, service apartments, and resorts. In recent years, our projects also involve schools, medical institutions, senior apartments and other fields.
The cooperation Process

Canz Apartment Kitchen Project


Product Supplied:

Kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets

Technical Support:

Customized Design, 3D Picture, Installation Instruction

Canz Apartment Kitchen Project

OPPEIN design supervisor provided the most professional design suggestions to the customer directly, which directly enhanced the customer's trust in OPPEIN. Due to the customer's lack of import experience, we introduced the freight forwarder to the customer and provided door-to-door service, so that the customer would be very worry-free in the later stage. The customer was very satisfied with the installed cabinets, and recommended OPPEIN to his friends.


Cherry Solid Wood Door Panel

A middle-scale island and cozy banquette are the standout features in this classical kitchen. It picks up the redwood hue and the cold marble tones of the countertop, which was also upholstered in luxury solid wood door panel, and provides contrast for the rest of the space, which features silver metallic kitchen equipment and beige ceiling.

Galley Kitchen Design

This galley kitchen is designed to be a functional one while the kitchen work triangle should be considered. The concept of the kitchen working triangle is now evolving further to take into account multiple cooks, as well as new gadgets and appliances.

If you are considering installing a window at the end of a galley kitchen, then how about going the whole hog and making it a glass door out to the garden or patio area?

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