Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

A detailed look at some of the trending black kitchen cabinet ideas.



The all-white kitchen was the home design trend that defined the previous decade. The style is timeless, unified, and clean, and it has a miraculous ability to make even the smallest kitchen appear airy and spacious. However, the new decade brought fresh trends, and designers suggest that you try a new hue in the kitchen: black.

While black may appear harsh, it is really simpler to pull off than you may imagine. Furthermore, when done right, it is incredibly stylish. Whether you want to dabble in the black-cabinet fad with just a few black elements or go all in, these are our 15 current favorite black kitchen ideas.

Black Rustic Cabinets



Who said black cabinets have to be boring? To get an urban and natural vibe, pair rustic black cabinetry with an oakwood floor and countertops. Wood flooring will match your rustic motif while also giving much-needed warmth underfoot. If you want to add some color to your kitchen without painting everything, experiment with décor elements like plants or art—just don't go overboard! 

Black Cabinets with White Walls



Black cabinets look great against white walls. Contrasting the color of your walls to the color of your cabinets is a simple way to create a big aesthetic statement. Changing your existing wall color is an inexpensive method to freshen up your kitchen space without having to fully rebuild it.

Include Opening Shelving 



This little kitchen is given warmth and individuality by the perfect blend of brown and black cabinets and the open shelves. The combination of black cabinetry and open shelving keeps the kitchen from feeling too top-heavy.

Fit Black Hardware



Let's face it: while black cabinets are incredibly popular, they may be rather stark and unpleasant. Many people use black fittings on their kitchen cabinets to mellow them out. The result is breathtaking. This allows your magnificent natural wood flooring to shine even brighter.

Go Natural



A natural matte black cabinet finish with a touch of wood, never goes out of style. With bespoke black cabinets accented with natural wood backsplashes, you can create a kitchen that oozes warmth and individuality.

Go Luxurious



Because black is a fashion classic, using it on your kitchen cabinets offers an instant touch of class. Enhance the look of the cabinets with a matte finish and a neutral island, as well as sculptural pendant lighting.

Play With Patterns



This kitchen is one of our favorites, thanks to the clever use of pattern and black cabinets. Brass accents offer a new dimension to the stunning area, which also includes unique wooden floors.

Include Mood Lighting.



If you're obsessed with black kitchen cabinets, go all in and configure them from floor to ceiling. Just be sure to incorporate some moody lighting into the space, such as a sleek chandelier.

Black Shaker Cabinets 



If you like black cabinets and want something contemporary, black shaker cabinets are a perfect idea. Shaker cabinets get their name from their design, which is devoid of adornment and has clean lines. 

Shaker cabinets are timeless and easy to maintain, with a robust hardwood foundation and plain flat doors. They look well in both conventional and contemporary kitchens. Black shaker cabinets add an attractive aesthetic to kitchens while requiring little care.

Black Minimalist Cabinets



It is possible to offer a variety of aesthetic components with sleek, discreet black kitchen cabinets. This can include everything from unusual worktops to interesting subway tile backsplashes to one-of-a-kind wooden flooring. This style generates an open, breezy sensation that may transform even the most basic kitchen into something remarkable.

Bring the Warmth



Warmer, gentler hues are the ideal approach to balance off a cool-toned, dark tint. This kitchen design integrates bespoke cabinetry with a dining set and bar stools.

Combine Black Cabinets With Patterned Wall Tile



What we like best about black kitchen cabinets would be that they can be combined with almost anything. This patterned tiling is coupled with light black cabinets in this eye-catching kitchen.

Keep It Clean



You don't always have to go overboard with kitchen design. Keep it basic by going with black cabinets for a clean, geometric design. In most cases, less is more.

Pop of Color



Black kitchens can be simple and elegant, but adding color to the mix could take it to the next level. 


We hope that this list has shed some light on how to best incorporate black cabinets into your kitchen.

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