Best Wardrobe Manufacturers In Chennai

 A look at the best wardrobe manufacturers in Chennai, their location, year of establishment, certification, and popular products.

Are you looking for the best wardrobe manufacturer in Chennai to style your bedroom? This article will alert you to the most reliable manufacturers to source your wardrobe.

In the recent past, cupboards were the primary means of storing various items. However, as interior bedroom ideas have evolved, a variety of bedroom closets have emerged, adding to the decoration of your space. Today's problem is that a room without a modern bedroom wardrobe would appear incomplete because the mess would be obvious throughout the space. Get yourself a wardrobe to help you update your bedroom, and today we will discuss the best wardrobe manufacturers in Chennai.



Location: HQ in China, has a showroom in Chennai.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: over 28 years

Certification: ISO certified

With over 28 years of experience, OPPEIN Home is a well-known interior door manufacturer in China. OPPEIN also provides wholesale cabinet modification, wardrobes for sale, bathroom vanities, and whole-house solutions, among other services. OPPEIN, being one of the top cabinet manufacturers and suppliers, offers a wide range of cabinets for both residential and commercial applications.

OPPEIN Home is ISO certified, ensuring that its goods are of the highest quality. We have a bridle-savvy after-sales care team on hand to help you. Quick resolution and effective disposal are our driving principles. Our customer service staff will help you, and we collaborate closely with our global distributors.

Products and services offered:

  1. Kitchen cabinets

  2. Wardrobe

  3. Interior doors

  4. Dining tables

  5. Coffee tables

  6. TV cabinets

  7. Wine cabinets



Location: Chennai

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 2003

Certification: ISO certified

SAJAWAT has been among the top manufacturers of quality wardrobes since 2003 in Chennai, China. They provide complete woodwork solutions at a low cost, ranging from display cabinets, entertainment units, built-in wardrobes, and entire kitchen renovations. They ensure that their customers don't waste time hopping from one service provider to the next, but instead have all of their needs met in one spot. 

You won't need to hire a separate interior designer, who will then connect you with contractors and manufacturers for additional negotiations and payment. A simple order submitted with their dependable staff is equivalent to having the full job completed. They offer shipping services at an affordable price. Deliveries are done across the world and on time.

Key products and services offered:

  1. Wardrobes

  2. Kitchen cabinets

  3. Storage units

  4. Chairs and tables

Hoop Pine


Location: Chennai

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 2010                      

Certification: ISO certified

Hoop Pine is a Chennai-based manufacturing company dealing with a wide range of furniture, including wardrobes. It was started in 2010 when two friends decided to partner. In addition to Home Furniture, Wooden Flooring, and Kitchen Appliances, Hoop Pine partners with reputable brands. 

With the help of their expert design partners, they can also undertake complete Home Interior projects to make your house even more beautiful. They offer international shipping at a friendly price. Delivery time should never be part of your headache, they deliver on time, and the order will reach you in good condition.

Key products and services offered:

  1. Modular kitchen

  2. Kitchen appliances

  3. Wardrobes

  4. Storage cabinets

  5. Furniture

  6. Home interior



Location: Chennai

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 1993                     

Certification: ISO certified

Sleek is another manufacturer of wardrobes from Chennai, China. It was established in 1993, and since then, they have been among the top rank. Their engineering and innovation abilities assist them in ensuring quality down to the smallest detail. Sleek has over 20 years of business experience, and severe quality controls ensure that only the best is delivered to your door. They also offer a wide range of finishes and design possibilities and completely customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Key products and services offered:

  • Wardrobes

  • Kitchen cabinets

  • Storage cabinets

  • Interior doors


When seeking the best wardrobe manufacturers in Chennai, the above list should act as your stepping stone. We did a deep analysis to develop the best wardrobe manufacturers for you. Before selecting your wardrobe manufacturer, go through their certification, reputation, and customer review to avoid landing in the hands of scammers. OPPEIN Home has been a proven company with ISO certificates. We provide a wide range of wardrobes to fit your style. Please contact us.

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