Where to Buy Closets? Best Closet Companies of 2022

Want to remodel your closet? Here is a detailed list of best wardrobe manufacturers of 2022. Click on and explore now!

The bedroom closet is one of the places that can easily become chaotic. In most cases, this is the result of poorly designed storage solutions. There are basically three types of bedroom wardrobes/closets: walk-in closets, reach-in closets, and armoires. Walk-in closets are those that have separate rooms for clothes storage, whereas reach-in closets are those that you can reach into but not walk into. An armoire wardrobe is the most affordable type of cabinet, a freestanding cabinet. It may be necessary for you to hire a closet supplier to help you maximize the bedroom space.

To help you find the best closet maker, we compiled a list of 10 of the best wardrobe companies, covering every budget and style requirement. With their summarizing features, whether it is a wholesale or retail wardrobe, you are sure to find the perfect one. Keep reading!

List of best wardrobe manufacturers of 2022

  1. IKEA


  3. ClosetMaid

  4. ClosetsbyDesign

  5. California Closets

  6. Modular Closets

  7. Closet Factory

  8. Lema

  9. Boffi

  10. Sharps




Main Products: Freestanding Wardrobe; DIY Wardrobe

When it comes to the best budget-friendly brands, Ikea is a strong contender. A world-class retailer, Ikea always keeps the prices of its wardrobes and closets within affordable ranges. Due to this, Ikea's closet system may appear simple and a bit unattractive when compared to other brands.

BOAXEL system is one of its typical wardrobe systems. Its wardrobes are made from powder-coated carbon steel, which is flexible, durable, and affordable. By mounting the frame on the wall, you can save a lot of space in the bedroom for other storage. Furthermore, Ikea has a variety of armoires and small reach-in closets, both of which are simple to assemble and disassemble. Even though Ikea doesn't support closet customization, it may still be a good choice for people on a budget, for apartment tenants, or for people who enjoy DIY projects.



Main Products: Customized kitchen cabinets, Custom Reach-in Closet; Custom Walk-in Closet

OPPEIN, a leading manufacturer of cabinetry, has been producing wardrobes for over 20 years. It is the most well-known closet brand in China. The company has five manufacturing factories and is able to produce 1 million closets each year. When looking for wholesale wardrobes, Oppein may be a good fit.

With over 100 finishes and 14 door styles available, they can handle all kinds of customized closets. Materials such as melamine, HPL, lacquer, etc., can be selected. Moreover, their "green panel", which is safe and eco-friendly, could solve formaldehyde problems greatly and is ideal for closets. The company provides a one-stop solution for all your home furnishing needs, including custom closets, which means they can take care of everything from design to installation. Oppein will be a perfect choice for buying a China closet. Whether you want a reach-in, a walk-in, or an armoire, all you need to do is wait for a good outcome.




Main Products: Small Reach-in Closet; Walk-in Closet

Founded in 1965, ClosetMaid is a closet maker that specializes in home storage and organization. It is best known for its small closets and wire storage systems. Therefore, ClosetMaid is the brand to choose if you are looking for a small reach-in closet or walk-in closet.

The closet company provides its customers with a really convenient online design tool, which allows them to select a preferred layout based on the dimensions of their bedroom. Besides, they also offer a custom closet service that costs only $5. By asking a few questions about your home, their designers will be able to provide two design variations in a few days. For installation, they have been working with a company called Jez Enterprises for 35 years. Jez Enterprises can offer installation services for online purchases in some of the states in the US.



Main Products: Custom Reach-in Closet; Custom Walk-in Closet

For customers in the US, ClosetbyDesign offers a free in-home consultation to help them with their custom closets. Their walk-in closets and reach-in closets can be customized based on the customers' requirements.

Wardrobes for sale are available in four collections to suit different budgets and needs. The Everyday Collection is a basic and functional closet system available at a reasonable closet price. The Classic Collection offers a stylish look that combines simplicity and the latest trends. The Regency Collection provides more storage options for enhancing functionality, such as islands, tilt-out hampers, and countertops. The Bravo Collection creates curated closets that are bold, sophisticated, and timeless.

California Closets


Main Products: Custom Reach-in Closet; Custom Walk-in Closet

California Closet specializes in the design of custom walk-in and reach-in closets. They guarantee a 100% customized design to meet the needs of their customers. As this closet company has over 800 highly qualified consultants, it provides a clear guide to the customer from the initial inquiry, through the design stage, to the installation.

There are various closet colors and storage accessories offered by California Closets. From dark to light, matte to smooth, the finishes are your choice. All of their finishes are CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant and eco-friendly, making them perfect for indoor use. Moreover, its products come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you will have less concerns about quality.

Modular Closets


Main Products: DIY Modular Closet

For those who want to build their own closet units, this closet manufacturer should not be missed. Modular Closets offers a wide variety of pre-design closet units and closet modules customers can mix and match freely.

A modular closet system consists of standardized closet units, usually with simple designs and structures. It gives customers a wide range of possibilities for combining and creating their unique closet. Plus, it saves them a lot of money by eliminating installation fees. If you are not a talented DIYer, never mind, the closet company will still provide you with a personal assistant who will help you create your dream closet.

Closet Factory


Main Products: Custom Reach-in Closet; Custom Walk-in Closet

Closet Factory is one of the leading closet manufacturers in the US. For the last 30 years, it has been manufacturing custom closets. With some innovative storage systems for closet customization, this company is very experienced and authoritative in the industry.

They are a closet vendor concerned about storage and organization solutions, so you can find a lot of wardrobe organizers, closet organizing ideas, and closet makeover ideas on their site. Thus, if you are concerned with functionality, custom closets from Closet Factory are an irresistible choice.



Main Products: Reach-in Closet; Walk-in Closet

Looking for something modern and entry-luxury? Take a look at Lema's wardrobe collection. This Italy-based wardrobe company has created some stunning wardrobe designs that are perfect for urbanites.

It focuses not only on the aesthetics of wardrobes but also on their functionality. These beautiful collections include a variety of storage options to keep the clothing set neatly organized. However, there are only 10 finishes and 4 opening systems to choose from. On their website, you can view just 15 reach-in closet designs and 3 walk-in closet designs. They are more like semi-custom wardrobes, with limited customization options.



Main Products: Custom Walk-in Closet

Get high-end wardrobes from Boffi. It has more than 60 flagship stores in 60 countries. A typical Italian aesthetic leads the furniture design of Boffi, so their works are always eye-catching and filled with detail.

The Antibes collection is a classic of their custom walk-in wardrobe design. By combining glass and lighting, the wardrobe is covered in a charming glow that creates a romantic and dreamy atmosphere in the dressing room. When you purchase a wardrobe from Boffi, you are likely to be purchasing a work of art that is designed to enhance your daily routine.



Main Products: Fitted Wardrobe; Walk-in Wardrobe; Sliding Wardrobe

Made in the UK, Sharps emphasizes maximizing storage space. Their fitted wardrobes stretch from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, to guarantee there is no space wasted.

Sharps offers 10 collections of fitted wardrobes, including shaker style, modern simple style, Scandinavian style, and more. There will be eight finish options to choose from and an exclusive storage plan that is molded to your specific home if you want a custom walk-in closet. Further, their distinctive wardrobe, the sliding door collection, supports customization, which makes it a practical and sleek solution for bedrooms.

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