10 Best TV Stand Ideas You Should Know

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10 Best TV Stand Ideas You Should Know. A TV cabinet does not only function as a TV stand; it can also serve as an additional storage space and even jazz up the vibe in your living room area. Just like any other furniture, a TV cabinet or stand can come in various configurations. Your selection will likely be based on which design will fit the room. Still, things like the style, type of material, and finishings are only some of the factors you need to consider, especially if you prefer customized cabinets.

Here is a list of TV stand ideas from Oppein that you might want for your entertainment space.

1. Melamine Wood Grain TV Cabinet

2019-Melamine-Wood-Grain-TV19-M01 (2).jpg

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If you are looking for a lavish TV cabinet that emanates a chic and comfy vibe, then this melamine wood grain TV wall unit is ideal for your living room area. This design is available in two color palettes –brown and grey, both with light wood grain cabinet door material. Since this style has multiple storages, it is best for sufficiently extended rooms since it will eat up a lot of space. Whether your TV is sized 42 or 75 inches, it will elegantly fit in this model.

2. PVC Wood Grain TV Cabinet With Blue Lacquer Door


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Want a TV cabinet that screams with classic taste incorporated with a modernistic approach? Then get this PVC wood grain TV cabinet with a touch of blue lacquer. This eccentric design, though unconventional compared to other TV cabinets, is so well-blended. What's more, the TV stand is turnable up to 45 degrees; thus, you can angle it in whichever direction you want. So if you want a minimalist TV cabinet for your room décor, then the overall look of this wood grain PVC TV cabinet is perfect for you.

3. European Style Built-in TV Cabinet Around Fireplace


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Several homeowners prefer putting their TV over the fireplace because it is the central part of the room. Fortunately, Oppein is now offering a customized built-in TV cabinet on both sides, making the whole loving room both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This format is composed of particle board materials and lacquer finishing, inclining more on a traditional style. However, if you seek a different design, like a transitional or contemporary style, we can introduce you to tons of sample designs.

4. Gray Wall Mounted TV Cabinet Design


Source: tv-cabinet-tv17-l03


Suppose you live in a small space, then hanging a hanging TV cabinet might fit your house needs. This industrial-designed TV cabinet in gray lacquer and simple touches of the white palette gives off simplicity, sleek, and neutral impression. This color is ideal if you seek contrast with brighter colors in the room. More than that, this type offers plenty of storage to put your books, gaming consoles, and other entertainment knick-knacks that you can hook up to your TV anytime.

5. White and Gray Lacquer TV Wall Unit


Source: tv-cabinet-tv17-l01


Another grey and white lacquer TV wall unit type that we have is this lustrous hanging cabinet set. The charm of this design is apparent in the irregularity of the wall cabinets' shape. Still, they will definitely compliment your TV set. Like the previous styles we presented above, this one has many storages you can use for putting important stuff and even spruce it up with small decors. Since the customized cabinets are gray and white, they can easily match other vibrant colors around the room.

6. Black Laminate and Light Wood Grain TV Stand


Source: tv-cabinet-tv17-hpl01


For those who are living in limited spaces, an oversized TV stand is not an option. Instead, it would be best to get a model like this slender Scandinavian-styled TV stand. It is both compact and functional, with several storage partitions. Our black laminate and light wood grain TV stand can accommodate not only your TV but also its complementary sound system on both sides. More than that, you can keep your other gadgets and accessories hidden away inside the cabinets.

7. White Lacquer and Wood Grain TV Cabinet Contemporary Style


Source: tv0521603-tv-cabinet


Another design you must have on your preferred list is this modern TV cabinet in white lacquer and wood grain material. This style is perfect for your taste if you are looking for a warm color cabinet stand that strikes a comfortable vibe to the room. Moreover, this unit has many compartments to fill in, so if you have tons of stuff to put in, this TV cabinet is the answer.

8. Dark Wood TV Stand Bookcase

TV17-A02-Contemporary-Design-Dark-Wood-TV-Bookcase-1 (1).jpg

Source: tv-cabinet-tv17-a02


Nowadays, contemporary TV cabinet styles are dominating the market. An example of this type is this dark wood TV cabinet composed of melamine carcass and gray acrylic door panels. What makes this design great is that it can be used as a TV bookcase unit so you can décor the cabinet with your favorite books, magazines, and other reading materials, apart from your entertainment set. Also, take note of the dark wood tone of the cabinet that seems sophisticated, edgy, and very now.

9. Gray Wall TV Stand Modern Design


Source: tv-cabinet-tv17-a01


On the occasion that you are looking for a modern TV cabinet design and you have vast wall space, then this gray wall TV stand design is suitable for your requirements. This wall TV cabinet uses melamine carcass material along with its high gloss gray acrylic layer that makes it more fashionable. The multiple storage displays consist of enclosed cabinets and open cubbies. The closed cabinets will give you the luxury to keep your things and other gadgets you do not want to expose. On the other hand, you can display your books and some decorations using the open cubbies.

10. White and Dark Wood Grain TV Cabinet Modern Design


Source: tv-cabinet-tv0471603


Looking for an elegant, timeless TV cabinet piece? Then take a look at our white and dark wood grain TV cabinet updated in contemporary style. Its warm color and suitable design give you a cozy feeling just by looking at it. Indeed, the structure of this unit is simple, but it complements the wholeness of the furniture to support your TV set. It has multiple storage where you can fill in many essential things like your other gadgets, CD collections, and the likes. There is also enough space on top of the lower cabinet unit to place your books, decors, or sound system set.


And that concludes our list! There are many TV cabinets in the market you can choose from, but the selection alone can be overwhelming. Hopefully, this list from Oppein's furniture collection has been helpful for you.Why choose us? Oppein uses only eco-wood materials that adhere to eco-friendly standards. In addition, our company gives high regard to families concerned about the environment and everyone's health. Contact us now!


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