21 Kitchen Organization Ideas to Ease Your Life

Check out the best kitchen organizations tips that make your kitchen neat and tidy, so that you can always enjoy the cooking time in the kitchen.

Without proper organization strategies, the kitchen is prone to becoming cluttered. No matter what size your kitchen is, finding the right kitchen organization solution could be a challenge since there are so many items to store. A customized kitchen cabinet with strong storage function is the key to kitchen organization. For your reference, we compiled these helpful kitchen organization tips based on an analysis of kitchen functions. Whether you are planning your kitchen organization or need a revamp of your old kitchen, here we have the solutions you need. If you find yourself struggling with the mess in the kitchen, this is your saving grace! Read on and browse more to get inspired.

Insert Kitchen Drawer Organizers


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Surely your kitchen has a lot of cabinet drawers. To make the most of the drawer, adding dividers could be helpful. The kitchen organizers make it easy to categorize utensils, providing clear and tidy storage space. It's a brilliant way to organize drawers by giving everything a place, rather than stuffing everything inside and making a mess.

Choose Pull-Out Corner Tray


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Kitchen corner storage could be flexible and functional if you install a pull-out tray like this. Pots and pans might be difficult to store in the cabinet due to their size. Adding a pullout tray would make them perfectly suited. Moreover, this kitchen storage is more accessible due to the smooth pullout system.

Add More Hangers to the Side


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Hangers would be excellent accessories for holding the spatula, whisk, and ladle. Installing these small additions on the side of a cabinet or drawer lets you make the most of vertical space. Small hangers can keep kitchen utensils in place on the sides of pull-out drawers, just as in the picture above.

Try A Removable Under-cabinet Shelf


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Flexible kitchen storage is quite important. The kitchen has limited storage capacity when it is built. So how do we deal with the increasing number of utensils, groceries, or appliances? Basically, we add some removable shelves or trays to the kitchen. It is extremely convenient to store your kitchen items with these flexible kitchen organizers, adding them to expand storage space and removing them when not in use.

Integrated Dishwasher Storage


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Not only can a dishwasher be used to wash dirty dishes, but it can also be used as a storage space for dinnerwaWith a dish washer integrated into the kitchen cabinet, you may not need extra storage space or plate organizers, thus saving space for other things.ems.

Pull Down the Storage


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Tall cabinets and wall cabinets may provide additional storage space for the kitchen, but the issue of height makes the cabinets difficult to access. In this case, you can easily get whatever you need from the cabinet with a pull-down basket. You couldn't imagine how much easier your kitchen storage would be. It's a really clever cabinet storage solution.

Functionalize the Back of Door


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The secret of an organized kitchen is focusing on details. Take a look at these kitchen baskets attached to the back of the cabinet door. They may seem like a waste of cabinet storage space. But really think about it: if the cabinet is too deep, wouldn't it be inconvenient to get things out? By adding this addition, the kitchen cabinet becomes much more useful, since the inner storage area is effectively relocated to the baskets on the back of the cabinet door.

Build Appliances In


Built-in appliances are more than just a kitchen storage idea; they are a trend in kitchen design. Nowadays, an integrated kitchen or modular kitchen is a highly recommended choice when designing a new kitchen. In a kitchen, home appliances typically occupy 40-50% of the space. There will be much more room for you to keep other items if you make space for these appliances at the beginning.

Make Some Room for Ingredients


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How can we create a handy kitchen? The answer is simple - make every item a perfect place to settle. For example, these great ingredient baskets fit in the slide-out cabinet to create specialized storage for your kitchen. For those who are baking a lot, it is important to add integrated cabinet organizers to hold flour and other ingredients. Without these small cabinet organizers, the pile of ingredients may ruin the kitchen.

Get Flexible Holders


Here's an innovative kitchen storage idea: Built-in tracks with movable holders. It might be the most efficient way to store frequently-used spices and utensils. Since spices and condiments are small and numerous, they could easily clutter the room. By using these movable can organizers and hangers, the spices will find the right place to settle and will always be within reach. Additionally, these flexible kitchen storage gadgets are easy to maintain, since they can be easily removed and washed.

Magic Corner Cabinet


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A brilliant way to organize corner kitchen cabinets is shown here. Magic corner units make kitchen corner storage much more convenient. Unlike the lazy susan cabinet, this corner storage shelf is connected directly to the door panel, which is incredibly convenient as you get access to the interior storage when pulling out the door panel. And with the slide track, this cabinet design is effortless and smooth.

Special Spot for Small Appliances


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There are many small appliances in the kitchen. If they are not arranged properly, they can ruin the overall tidiness. A retractable tray, like the one shown above, would be perfect for holding a blender, toaster, kettle, or microwave. When not in use, put those small appliances on the shelf and push the shelf in so they are hidden for an organized kitchen look.

Cleaning Zone Under the Sink


Not using the space under the sink is a kind of waste. In truth, the area under the sink is an awkward space, as it can be so moist that you cannot store utensils and groceries there. Yet this space can be used for cleaning, keeping the cleaner kit on hand for convenience. With the addition of a waste disposer, leftovers will never be a problem to clean up. For moisture protection, laying a waterproof mat can really help.

Extend the Worktop


As you add more and more items to your kitchen, your countertop may become constrained. So check out this brilliant small kitchen cabinet solution. A retractable worktop would be a good idea to extend the existing countertop in a space-saving way. When you prepare a drink or meal, you can put mugs or dishes on it. Additionally, this space can be used as a specialized beverage nook in your house.

Explore the Side of Cabinet


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Can't find a place for your pots and pans? Put them on the cabinet side then. Organize the kitchenware with a hanging rod and keep it handy while cooking. It would be better to hang the pots and pans on the side, rather than stack them and make a mess, isn't it?

Easy-to-use Flexible Sockets


There will be many appliances in the kitchen that need to be plugged in to work. As such, we recommend installing a power track system in your kitchen. Flexible power supplies can be provided with removable sockets for a genius kitchen. Great for assisting you in the kitchen.

Small Kitchen Cart for Fun and Storage


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A kitchen cart or trolley in your house will make it far different than before. These are very useful for storing groceries and dinnerware. Using this small cart will save you the trouble of carrying food from room to room during a party. Especially in small kitchens without an island, a kitchen cart can efficiently increase storage space. Isn't it a clever small kitchen organization idea?

Hang the Glass & Mugs


For wine collectors, there must be a lot of glasses in the kitchen. How to store glasses in the kitchen? To deal with these delicate containers, hanging shelves may be the best option. Besides hanging glassware, you can also hang mugs, saving space on the countertop for other items.

Corner Drawer Cabinet


Instead of adding kitchen accessories to the cabinet, here is a corner kitchen storage solution that completely restructures the cabinet. In order to make the corner easier to store, we made it into a V-shaped cabinet. As a result, this corner drawer cabinet maximizes the use of blind corners for storing dinnerware.

Attach A Pegboard to Wall


Are you looking for chic kitchen utensil holder ideas? Try hanging pegboards in your kitchen. Pegboards are usually painted with a bold and stylish color that can stand out in your kitchen area. For daily use, the board can hang spatulas, food tongs, and even recipes for your convenience. It is a really cute way to keep these small items organized in your kitchen.

Feeding Station for Cutie


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Food comes from the kitchen, and the same is true for your pets. So here is a pet station in the kitchen for your four-legged furry friends. This built-in pet station can make the kitchen more versatile. Consider this lovely kitchen design idea if you happen to have a cutie at home. 

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