Best 21 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas in 2022

Explore the best kitchen cabinets ideas in 2022.

If you're planning for a complete kitchen revamp, cabinet design is among the essential choices you should consider. But if you're having a hard time choosing a style, color, material, or finishing that suits your taste, here's a list of latest kitchen cabinet ideas in 2021 and 2022 from OPPEIN, one of the kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China, to give you inspiration for your next project.

1. Modern Kitchen Cabinet



Looking for a kitchen cabinet style that emanates a unique and minimalist setup? Then a modern kitchen cabinet is what you need. The kitchen cabinet image above is a MFC board wood grain kitchen cabinets in L-shape, making your kitchen clean and neat. Both lower and upper kitchen cabinets are spacious for more kitchenware and dinnerware to store.

OPPEIN's modern kitchen cabinets showcase combined materials, such as wood, glass, PVC, laminates, and metal to achieve a more distinctive feel. Although the natural wood tones are getting in demand in custom kitchen cabinets, so are the bold and less traditional colors nowadays. For more custom kitchen cabinet ideas, you can check in OPPEIN, your most reliable kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China.

American Style Kitchen Cabinet



Turandot is inspired by American-style products that pay attention to craftsmanship details. The fusion of American style and modern materials, and the rich design of life scenes make you feel the retro and leisure of American cabinets. The product is designed by the Italian designer Mark. Classic American door panel shape with silver metal brushed core panel. The stylized hood decorative cabinet and curved solid wood chair combine the symmetrical structure of traditional hanging cabinets and floor cabinets. Beautiful yet detailed, with a touch of French elegance. The white and gray-blue lacquered door panels are decorated with dark brown wood grains, creating a warm, elegant and retro atmosphere. With the addition of metal core panels, it integrates fashion and innovative modernity.

2. Classic Kitchen Cabinet



If you are fascinated by wood elements, then this solid wood rustic kitchen cabinet with island will flatter your kitchen best. And since wood is the most traditional cabinet material, it only befits the classic style particularly well. The dark color solid wood makes your kitchen and your house more noble. More classic kitchen cabinets in several colors, like metallic, white, beige, brown, and black are available in OPPEIN. These color palettes are versatile when it comes to hardware, accessories, and other design flourishes.

3. Colorful Transitional Kitchen Cabinet



Suppose you are torn between the contemporary and traditional kitchen cabinet style, you might be interested in getting the transitional design for your custom kitchen cabinets. A great idea is this I-shaped laminate kitchen design with an island. This sample presents a minimalist pattern but is infused with laminated wood-tone kitchen cabinets.

OPPEIN's transitional kitchen design aims to balance the sleek cleanliness of a modern kitchen and the comfort of a classic style. So if you want to experience the best of both worlds, get this design now.

4. White Kitchen Cabinet



You've got a big kitchen? How about a major overhaul at the heart of your home? This kitchen design can serve as your guide if you prefer large kitchen cabinets in white lacquer with glossy finishing. The good thing about having white kitchen cabinets is that they always look crisp and clean. Besides, since the color white can reflect light, it can make your kitchen look broader and more prominent. OPPEIN specializes in customized kitchen cabinets, so we are here to assist you if you are looking for a kitchen cabinet manufacturer.

5. Black Kitchen Cabinet



Want a sophisticated-looking space for your kitchen? Take a look at the high-end modern kitchen cabinets in black UV lacquer finish. This customized kitchen cabinet showcases a dramatic and intimate effect compared to light-colored kitchens. The great thing about black kitchen cabinets is that they don't show smudges or grease easily. more than that, they are cozy, edgy, and exude luxury.

6. Black and White Kitchen Cabinet



If you wavering between a clean and crisp vibe versus a sophisticated but edgy look for your kitchen cabinets, OPPEIN just got what you need! The photo above are high-end modern two-tone lacquer kitchen cabinets. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are getting popular nowadays because this design can easily adapt to your kitchen area, whether you go for a traditional or contemporary style.

OPPEIN's two-toned custom kitchen cabinets can totally change the demeanor of your kitchen space. If you are interested to know more, click the imaga to know more about the design, or contact us today. We will share the things we can do to help you appraise the look of your kitchen.

7. Green Kitchen Cabinet

green kitchen-960x640


Take a glimpse at this U-shaped green kitchen cabinets in lacquer finishing. These handleless custom kitchen cabinets can give your cooking area a vivacious appeal while being versatile. Also, they are easy to enhance and update once in a while. The cabinet lies in the cool tone of green, and it provides a refreshing and calm ambiance which is excellent for both small and big kitchens. OPPEIN can handle any of your customized kitchen cabinet requests. We are your one-stop-shop for your kitchen product needs.

8. Gray/Grey Kitchen Cabinet



We bet that you will totally understand us when we say that there is something about the color gray that makes it versatile to all kitchen styles. This is evident in the photo above - OPPEIN's U-shaped modern gray kitchen cabinets coated with UV lacquer.

The gray shade used is neutral but relaxing to the eyes, presenting warmth and comfort to whoever enters the kitchen area. You should keep in mind that gray is a perfect choice if you seek contrast with brighter colors or create textured variations for your custom kitchen cabinets.

9. Brown Kitchen Cabinet



Do you want to achieve modern, edgy, and cozy vibes in your kitchen? Why not remodel your kitchen cabinets into a darker shade, say brown perhaps? OPPEIN's glossy brown kitchen cabinets are here to inspire and make you realize that your dream kitchen is within a hand's reach. For this design, the lower, upper, and island kitchen cabinets are all in brown shade – and they emanate a classy and luxurious appearance. OPPEIN offers brown kitchen cabinets if you wish to achieve an inviting and dramatic aesthetic to your kitchen.

10. Wood Tones Kitchen Cabinet



Getting tired of your kitchen's look? Why not revamp your old kitchen cabinets based on your new preferred taste? Take a look at OPPEIN's customized kitchen cabinets in wood grain thermofoil finishing. Our wood kitchen cabinets have a particular presence in them, for they are beautiful, classic, and timeless.

We believe that wood tones are versatile and can be applied in ways in your custom kitchen cabinets to meet your requirements. Give us the measurement and other details about your kitchen, and we will deliver.

11. Metallic Kitchen Cabinet



This is the industrial kitchen look with metallic-looking kitchen cabinets. You read it right – metallic-looking – because technically, these sets of custom kitchen cabinets are made from PVC materials.

The great thing about this industrial style is that these "metal" kitchen cabinets appear exciting and attractive. OPPEIN's modern custom kitchen cabinets display coziness and elegance, although they are not real stainless steel. But if you wish to get stainless steel kitchen cabinets, that can be easily taken care of.

12. Glossy Kitchen Cabinet



This is OPPEIN's gray metal foil glossy kitchen cabinets in an L-shaped layout. These glossy kitchen cabinets are ideal if you want to achieve a contemporary look in your kitchen since they do not work well in traditional styles. OPPEIN offers high gloss kitchen cabinets that are easy to clean, waterproof, and provide a modern feel. Another great thing about glossy kitchen cabinets is making your kitchen area feel larger and brighter due to light reflection.

13. Matte Kitchen Cabinet



Matte kitchen cabinets with melamine finishing in an L-shaped layout. The matte kitchen cabinets are perfect for the traditionally styled kitchens as they leave no trace, exude elegance, plus soft to touch. OPPEIN's matte kitchen cabinets are trendy nowadays since matte finishing is getting rampant in the industry. So if you want to achieve a swanky yet classic kitchen style, go for matte kitchen cabinets. We offer plenty of color selections to match the interior of your kitchen. Get more ideas here!

14. L Shaped Kitchen Cabinet



Erhai Lake, embedded in the southeast of China like a sapphire, is famous for its wonderland-like landscape. And this unique kitchen cabinet design was inspired by this fairyland.

Navy blue represents a silent lake, and pure white symbolizes fleecy clouds. Also, golden glass doors add luxury to the whole design. A harmonious combination creates a perfect kitchen to show your taste. L shape is the most popular kitchen design as it can fit in different sizes of rooms. Open-style makes it easy for 2 cooks to work at the same time. It is the place where you can have a delightful cooking time with families.

15. U Shaped Kitchen Cabinet



Custom cabinets are covered with stone-like or wood grain coating, presenting fresh natural feelings to your kitchen, whereas details of golden handles emphasize a sense of luxury. Lightings on the glass shelves provide even and gentle illumination to make a clear inner view and protect your eyes.

Classic and elegant design will never be out of date, which is able to perfectly highlight your home.

The U-shaped kitchen has a large amount of storage space to hold all the appliances and cookware. Cook surrounded by cabinets can easily get what he needs to greatly improve the cooking efficiency.

16. Kitchen Cabinet With Island



What comes into your sight first must be the golden island cabinet. Just as the name of this kitchen, gold coast, meets all your imaginations of luxury and elegance. The Mix of gold, white and grey perform an exquisite style to show your taste.

Kitchen with island is always unique and creative, using the island as a mini bar or an extension of the cooking desk. In this kitchen, the island was more versatile. It not only works as a dining table on the edge, also an extra storage system. Setting at the center of the kitchen makes it a real island away from the coast, shining with golden glory.

17. Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet



Are you looking for custom kitchen cabinets that will give your money's worth? Then get these modern solid wood kitchen cabinets in lacquer finishing. I believes that solid wood materials are classic, timeless, and low maintenance. Apart from that, they are strong and durable, which can last more than a decade of use – indeed a good investment.

So if you are intrigued and want to go for a traditional kitchen look, get these solid wood kitchen cabinets! Whether you need big or small kitchen cabinets, we can definitely accommodate your needs.

18. PVC Kitchen Cabinet



From this white PVC kitchen cabinets design, you can also get to revamp your kitchen's appearance. Using PVC kitchen cabinets has several perks. They are economical, can be installed quickly, convenient to clean, water-resistant, and lastly, termites won't infest them!

19. Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet



Check out this white kitchen cabinets in high gloss lacquer finishing. It is simply ideal for your kitchen needs because lacquer kitchen cabinets can make your kitchen area bright and large. This is due to their reflection of light, especially if the coating of your custom kitchen cabinets is very glossy.

Another great thing about lacquered kitchen cabinets is that they are attractive to most spaces, thanks to their sheen appearance. So if you want this type of kitchen cabinets for sale, check out our customized lacquer kitchen cabinet color selections.

20. Melamine Kitchen Cabinet



This is a wood grain melamine kitchen cabinet in an L-shaped layout, and this style might be the next thing you need for your kitchen space. Note that melamine's finish is a severe contender for medium-density fiberboard and solid wood regarding custom kitchen cabinet materials. That's how durable melamine is, yet it offers a lower-cost option plus, it is visually attractive, making your kitchen cabinets compelling and edgy.

So if you want a durable kitchen cabinet at a reasonable price, better grab our melamine kitchen cabinets.

21. Laminate Kitchen Cabinet



Check out these handleless laminate kitchen cabinets in a U-shape layout. OPPEIN also caters to custom laminate kitchen cabinets, whether you have a big or small kitchen. The best thing about these laminate kitchen cabinets is that you can achieve a sleek-looking and dramatic kitchen space through them. Also, they are resistant to scratches, more durable, less likely to fade, and easy to clean.


Finding the ideal kitchen cabinets for your kitchen space might be overwhelming. Still, with the proper guidance from a professional, you will be on the right track. OPPEIN is here to help you as we are regarded as China's most trustworthy kitchen cabinet manufacturer. If you didn't find your ideal kitchen cabinat, click here to explore more nice designed kitchens, or you can download our catalogue to get our latest products design for free! With us, you're definitely in good hands!

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