12 Best Colors for Kitchen Cabinets in 2021

Check out the popular colors for kitchen cabinets in 2021 here in OPPEIN.

Feeling the need to revamp your customized kitchen cabinets but cannot decide which color suits best? Fret not! You can save yourself from the trouble of regretting the new kitchen cabinets you just bought simply because they do not fit your kitchen interior.


Source: Grey-L-shaped-PVC-Kitchen-Cabinet-PLCC20046

This article will discuss tons of ideal kitchen cabinet colors by Oppein that will look great in your kitchen. These are the shades that will make the center of your home shine and bring happiness to other house members. So let us check them out one by one. You can also check out the all the best kitchen cabinet ideas in 2021 here.

1. Black Kitchen Cabinet


Source: High-end-Modern-Kitchen-Cabinet-in-UV-Lacquer-Finish-OP20-UV03

Black kitchen cabinets emanate elegance and edginess. Compared to light-colored kitchens, black or dark-colored kitchen cabinets present a dramatic and intimate effect. The best thing about these cabinets is that they do not show smudges or grease easily. Check out Oppein’s luxurious looking high-end modern black kitchen cabinet in UV lacquer finish.

2. White Kitchen Cabinet


Source: White-Simple-European-Style-Kitchen-Cabinet-PLCC20109

White kitchen cabinets offer a clean, crisp, and classic look. White kitchens have an enduring style paired with traditional elements such as subway tile and aged brass accents. Besides, since the color white can reflect light, it can make your kitchen look broader and more prominent. Here, Oppein’s white simple European-style kitchen cabinet presents a relaxed coastal feel to the rest of the kitchen.

3. Gray Kitchen Cabinet


Source: Open-Design-Dark-Gray-Modern-PVC-Kitchen-Cabinet-PLCC20094

There is something about the color gray that makes it versatile to all kitchen styles. This is why it is ideal if you seek contrast with brighter colors or create textured variations for your custom kitchen cabinets. So for a bold yet neutral kitchen cabinet shade, select gray, especially the darker shade. For a better example, take a look at our modern PVC kitchen cabinets in dark gray color.

4. Beige Kitchen Cabinet


Source: Popular-U-Shape-High-Gloss-Lacquer-Kitchen-OP19-L12

If you think white color is not your thing, but you still want a versatile and timeless color for your kitchen cabinets, then beige is perfect for you! Beige is a neutral hue; hence it should work in any design and can still look good with most kitchen finishes. What’s more interesting is that beige kitchen cabinets tend to make your kitchen more inviting due to their warm tone. Just take a glimpse at Oppein’s glossy lacquer kitchen in beige custom cabinets, and you will know what we mean.

5. Brown Kitchen Cabinet

Italian-Style-Integrated-Modular-Kitchen Cabinets-02-PLCC19065.jpg

Source: Italian-Style-Integrated-Modular-Kitchen-Cabinets-PLCC19065

With plenty of kitchen cabinet color selections out in the market, do not think for a minute that brown color is already a has-been. Darker cabinets, like brown, stand out majestically when used in contrast to light paint, lighter countertop, and backsplash. This style is striking as it allows you to have a cozy and inviting ambiance without using a white or pastel color palette. Oppein’s Italian-styled modern modular kitchen cabinets show you this dramatic appearance.

6. Wood Tones Kitchen Cabinet

New-Wood-Grain-Shaker-Kitchen-With-Glass-PLCC19062 (2).jpg

Source: New-Wood-Grain-Shaker-Kitchen-With-Glass-PLCC19062

Wood tone kitchen cabinets have a particular presence in them. They are elegantly beautiful, classic, and never gets old, just like our rustic kitchen cabinets in melamine. This sample is an open kitchen cabinet design in a wood grain finish, enabling people to feel cozy and back to nature.

7. Green Kitchen Cabinet


Source: Green-Lacquer-Kitchen-Cabinet-with-Handleless-Design-PLCC20032

The cool tone of green provides a refreshing and calm atmosphere, and this can also be the color of your kitchen cabinets. Why not? These kitchen cabinets can boost your kitchen by having a vivacious appeal while being versatile. Just take a look at Oppein’s L-shaped green kitchen cabinets in lacquer finishing, and imagine how nifty your kitchen can look in a green shade.

8. Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

L-Shaped-Kitchen-Navy-Blue-Kitchen-OP18-L04 (2).jpg

Source: kitchen-cabinet-op18-l04

Navy blue kitchen cabinets are becoming a major trend in kitchen design nowadays. This is due to the color’s calming and soothing attributes, along with its luxurious and high-end impression. All the more, it looks good with a white backsplash, just like our navy blue kitchen cabinets in an L-shaped layout.

9. Red Kitchen Cabinet

L-Shape-Modern-Red-PVC-Kitchen-PLCC19112 (2).jpg

Source: L-Shape-Modern-Red-PVC-Kitchen-PLCC19112

Give your kitchen space a fresh start with a vibrant, passionate shade. A red kitchen cabinet paint gives off a brilliant color contrast to either crisp white or black countertop and backsplash. An excellent example is Oppein’s modern red PVC kitchen cabinet in an L-shaped layout.

10. Pink Kitchen Cabinet


Source: kitchen-cabinet-PLCC20059

Pink is a versatile shade that you can also use in your kitchen, especially the warm and playful pink hue. In fact, it can be balanced with muted timber accents or other wood tone colors for an industrial or minimalist taste. A perfect example is this modern fitted kitchen cabinet of Oppein.

11. Metallic Kitchen Cabinet

Colored-Stainless-Steel-Kitchen-Cabinet-OP17-ST01 (2).jpg

Source: kitchen-cabinet-op17-st01

Metallic kitchen cabinets showcase an industrial kitchen look. The remarkable thing about this kitchen cabinet paint is that they appear exciting, attractive, and very contemporary. Oppein’s colored stainless steel kitchen cabinets look smart and modern, as well as they are durable and long-lasting.

12. Two Toned Kitchen Cabinet

Blue-Matt-Shaker-Kitchen-with-Thermofoil-Design-PLCC19101 (2).jpg

Source: Blue-Matt-Shaker-Kitchen-with-Thermofoil-Design-PLCC19101

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are in demand nowadays due to their impeccable color combination design. This color style can quickly adapt to your kitchen area, whether you go for a traditional or contemporary style. A great example of this is Oppein’s blue and white thermofoil kitchen cabinet design that radiates sophistication and neutrality.


Can’t get enough of the list above? Then check out OPPEIN for more kitchen cabinet color and style ideas. We offer furniture customization. Just give us your floor plan, product detail requirements, and preferred customized design, and we will deliver.

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