Best Interior Door Manufacturers in China

Are you looking for interior door manufacturers in China to spice up the look of your interior house? This post will update you on the most reliable manufacturers to source from

Interior door manufacturer in China

Interior doors are frequently overlooked whether building a new home or upgrading an existing one. If you pay attention to your inside doors, they can enhance your home's decor. Install a fashionable and practical door in your home to give it a more respectable appearance. Simply select the type that best compliments your interior decor and watch as it adds to the allure of your house. Today, we will discuss interior door manufacturers in China to select from.



Location: China.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: over 28 years

Certification: ISO certified

OPPEIN Home is a well-known interior door maker in China with over 28 years of experience. OPPEIN also offers wholesale cabinet modification, wardrobe for sale, bathroom vanity, whole-house solution, and more. As one of the leading cabinet manufacturers and suppliers, OPPEIN provides a diverse selection of cabinets for both homes and residential projects.

OPPEIN Home is ISO certified, ensuring high-quality products. Client happiness has always been a top priority for OPPEIN. We have a bridle-wise skilled after-sales care team available to assist you. Since 2021, the company has become the largest cabinetry manufacturer in the world, exporting to over 128 countries. Therefore, if you are trying to find an interior door maker for wholesale wooden doors, this experienced cabinet maker can also provide you with quality interior door.

Products and services offered:

a. Kitchen cabinets

b. Wardrobe

c. Bathroom Vanity

d. Interior Door

e. Whole-house Solution

f. TV cabinets

g. More Furniture



Location: Beijing, China.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: 23 years

TATA wooden doors were created in 1999. TATA has always focused on the field of wooden doors, adhered to the "professional and responsible" attitude, and is committed to providing door products for people who pursue a minimalist, quiet and high-quality life. TATA is an enterprise with "family culture" as its core, and an enterprise with the corporate vision of "making a better door for more people". TATA has always been driven by values, vision and mission, and has been moving towards its grand vision with years of dedication and persistence in the wooden door industry.

Key products and services offered:

a. Paint Free Doors

b. Painted Doors

c. Sliding Door



Location: China

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of establishment: 1989

Founded in 1989, Mengtian Wooden Door is the earliest well-known interior brand in China dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of wooden composite doors. The company has introduced more than 1,000 first-class production equipment from Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, etc. at home and abroad, forming an annual production capacity of 2.1 million sets of solid wood composite doors. Since its establishment, Mengtian has been constantly striving for excellence. 

Key products and services offered:

a. Wooden doors

b. Windows

c. Wall panel

d. Pass cover



Location: China.

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: 1994

Certification: ISO certified

Since 1994, OPPOLIA has produced bespoke interior doors, closets, bathroom items, windows, and home furnishings, making it one of China's top whole-house-furnishing businesses and Asia's largest cabinetry maker.

Over the previous 27 years, OPPOLIA has created a reputation for brand influence, whole-house customization, one-stop solution service, and guaranteed quality. OPPOLIA combines with prominent Italian designers to create a collection of attractive, inexpensive, high-value products with a unique and distinctive style.

Key products and services offered:

a. Kitchen cabinets

b. Wardrobes

c. Bathroom items

d. Doors & windows

e. Home furnishings



Location: China

Company classification: Manufacturer and Supplier

Years of experience: 33 years

Mexin is a trademark and brand registered by Chongqing Meixin (Group) Co., Ltd. in the State Trademark Administration. The brand covers tourism real estate, auto and motorcycle accessories, international trade, precision manufacturing, pension and other fields. The core business of Maxim's door products includes commercial doors for airports, exhibition halls, hospitals, schools, etc., civil entry doors, indoor doors, fire-proof doors, fire-proof windows, refuge rooms, smart homes, overall home decoration, etc.

Key products and services offered:

a. Security door

b. Bedroom door

c. Kitchen door

d. Sliding doors


When sourcing your interior doors, consider both durability and style. It is also essential to pick a certified manufacturer to avoid landing on counterfeit interior doors. OPPEIN Home has everything it takes to be the number one manufacturer of your interior door. We thrive to satisfy their customers' needs with high-quality doors. Kindly contact us, and we will offer you guidance.


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