5 Best Color Scheme for Your Interior Decor

Check out 5 creative house interior colours trend in 2021. 

Trending colors for living room, bedroom and more.

During the pandemic, people spend much time indoors that makes it a perfect time to improve the interior decor for a more comfortable home to stay in. When it comes to interior house renovation, color hues of furniture could never be easy to decide. Different room design colors could make all the difference in setting ambience of the entire room and changing your mood. 5 interior home color schemes in 2021 would be introduced in this article, which may help you to choose the right color for interior décor:

1. Light Wood Grain & Hazy White


(Nordic Tale, 2021 OPPEIN Brand-new Design)

Fresh and bright interior house colors are always a great choice for home décor. Trending bright and warm color can power up and heal the occupants by the unique natural sense. The picture above makes full use of the white color and natural wood grain. It creates a snug and comfortable ambience for the interior room. Nature color scheme has its magic power that can quiet our minds and help us to feel calm. Therefore, this kind of color scheme is ideally used for study room or sitting room where people may need a peaceful moment to read a book or chat with guests.

2. Silky Silver & Abalone Gray


(Stars, 2021 OPPEIN Brand-new Design)

Ordinary life needs the sense of ritual, making a moment special from other moment in your daily routine. We believe closet shall be a place to let that moment happen. For this reason, closet decoration needs to be luxurious and graceful with some noble color combinations. Silver and gray are perfectly compatible with the lighting all around to strengthen the brightness of the entire space. Also, silky and clear surface shows your meticulous attention to details in life. Elegant color hue makes it a beautiful interior room in which you can enjoy the selection of daily wearing and display all your gorgeous clothing collections. Life is all about how you treat every single day, which can be much more fun if you put some sparkles in it.

3. Stone Blue & Elm Grain


(Blues, 2021 OPPEIN Brand-new Design)

It can be an ingenious decision that using cool and refreshing color for interior decoration, especially when summer comes. Pure blue make a clear and fresh atmosphere while greyish elm grain brings element of nature to your house, creating a beautiful scenery that a mysterious lake silently hides in the deep forest. Living room, as the center of you home, is the most frequently used space, thus, its color should be considered much more seriously. And for sure, this color scheme could highlight the living room and change it into an eye-catching spot for home entertainment.

4. Glossy Gray & Dusty Blue


(ALP, 2021 OPPEIN Brand-new Design)

If you are looking for a timeless color to decorate your home, gray must be one of the selections. It is a neutral mixture of white and black, not as obvious as those bright and clear color, but gray still has its exclusive and long-lasting charm. Living in a modern city, fashion trend is changing extremely fast, so choosing a trending color may be a risk for home decoration instead. Then, gray tone scheme shows its irreplaceability. By using glossy gray and dusty blue, this dining room is apparently classed up, greatly emphasizing the elegance of this design. Also, one more advantage of this combination is the stain resistance, which make it a better color scheme for those who live in the metropolis and keep busy all the time.

5. Elm Grain & Dark Champagne


(New Modern, 2021 OPPEIN Brand-new Design)

Normally, there is always an area to place your precious collections, and its choice of color hues is often hard to decide. To deal with this difficulty, entry-level luxury can be a perfect solution. Just as the sample above, dark champagne and elm grain imply that this space is built for those valuable displays, whereas it is only entry-level luxury which only supports the collections rather than stealing their thunder. Remember, what you want people to treasure should be the display instead of the décor of the holder.

Here, we share 5 color schemes only, while there are countless color schemes for interior design. After seeing all these beautiful selections, you should always make the decision by your preference while using recommendations just as reference, because you know what is best for yourself indeed.

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