22 Beautiful Modern Bedroom Ideas for 2022

22 stunning modern bedroom design ideas in 2022 by OPPEIN. Explore bedroom inspiration 2022 and choose the right one for your bedroom.

The bedroom design is one of the most important parts of the home decor. The bedroom serves as a sanctuary for both body and mind. It doesn't matter how big or how small your bedroom might be, you deserve to have the bedroom of your dreams. Therefore, we have gathered 22 of the best OPPEIN modern bedroom design ideas to share with you today. By viewing these beautiful suites, you may find the one that matches the style of your own home. Be prepared for an inspiring experience. Here we go!

1. Simple Gray Modern Bedroom

As one of the most frequently used colors for interior decor, gray is an option that is never out of fashion. This grey small bedroom presents a clear and distinct aesthetic of modern bedroom ideas. Note the simple shapes and contours of the closet and wall. It is all about simplicity. According to the current fashion trend, a simple bedroom will remain in style for a long time to come. Thus, if you prefer a more contemporary and simple style, a gray painted bedroom may be the right choice for you.



2. Cozy Plant Bedroom

Feel that the modern bedroom decor ideas are dull and monotonous? Consider adding some plants. By placing a plant in a corner, the room will appear vital and more inviting. In fact, carrying a plant in your room has a number of benefits, such as purifying the air and relieving stress. Furthermore, a green potted plant will enhance the freshness of the room and create positive Fengshui energy.



3. Warm Greige Bedroom

Choosing greige as a bedroom color is a great way to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere. The color greige is not particularly eye-catching. As a neutral color, it has the effect of making a room calming and relaxing, which was exactly what the modern bedroom needed. Breige paint conveys a unique sense of coziness to this bedroom. Featuring a brown wardrobe and gray rugs, it is truly a comfortable retreat for a relaxing stay.



4. Golden and White Bedroom

White paint may be mistaken for the absence of colors by some people. But actually, the white color is timeless and it can perfectly accent other colors, such as the golden accents in this room. With the perfect match of white and gold, this bedroom decor presents a very stylish and unique look. It is not a lavish appearance, but a delicate and elegant one, which will remain graceful and fashionable for many decades to come. Additionally, these bright hues can energize the space, refreshing your body and mind.



5. Soft Mint Bedroom Design

If you are looking for a color to spice up your bedroom design, this soft mint may be the best choice. It adds a touch of freshness to the room decor. As you can see, pops of mint, including the bedding and the wardrobe, lend the space a crisp and clean appearance. Do you need to freshen up the bedroom decor? Try this vibrant mint hue.



6. Long Bedroom Decor

Decorating a long and rectangular bedroom is not an easy task. The bed is usually the center of the bedroom, and all furnishings should revolve around it. But the long bedroom decor needs to be rearranged. Here is one example of the long bedroom ideas. The closet serves as the glue that binds all of the areas of the bedroom together. For the color selection, we chose a combination of black, white, and gray to create a modern long bedroom design. In addition, the hidden lighting further enhances the mood.



7. Colorful Bedroom Design

Color mixing may be appealing to some people, as a colorful bedroom will lift their spirits. The emerald closet and the blush red dresser, along with the gray background, create a harmonious ambiance. Moreover, the champagne-colored bedding highlights the luxury of this room. With the overhead lighting, the entire room is bathed in a glow of grace. Isn't it the aesthetic decor you have always wanted?




8. Luxurious Bedroom Decor

At first glance, it may not seem as luxurious as those golden bedrooms. However, the modern trend is all about simplicity, and a luxurious bedroom is more than just lavish paint. Gray and muted blues blend together to create a delicate master bedroom design. Using mirror-like closet doors, the lighting is reflected to brighten up and glam up the room. There is a decorative panel behind the built-in TV and shelves. With the soft lighting, this bedroom design is not only a treat to admire but also a retreat to rest and relax.



9. Beige Color Bedroom

Beige is a color that offers a wide variety of possibilities for home decorating. Beige used to be the most popular color for bedroom decorations at one time. We present here an example of a room with a beige color scheme. With white illumination, this beige color is transformed into a warm ivory color, which adds a distinctive and elegant touch to the room. In addition, the beige walls make the white ceiling stand out. By incorporating some stone texture details, this master bedroom shows a modern and chic aesthetic.



10. Small Bedroom Design

If you are concerned about the size of your bedroom, this small bedroom may inspire you. A bedroom does not necessarily need to be large and open. In contrast, according to some research, a small bedroom is more conducive to mental relaxation. In addition, a small bedroom can still efficiently function. There is a dressing area, a resting area, and even a cradle for babies within the layout. So this small bedroom design could be an ideal choice for couples with kids.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/wardrobe-plyp17012-059 


11. Classic Bedroom Design

Raised panels and wall decor provide a traditional touch to this bedroom design. Classic room design features a distinctive aesthetic, which is enduring and impressive. The wardrobe is nicely arranged and symmetrical in design, and the headboard is decorated with oil paintings that show the owner's exquisite taste. It is not only original and stylish, but also very comfortable and functional. A small bedroom design is adorned with a built-in wardrobe for maximal storage space, leaving sufficient room for a comfortable bed as the main furniture in the room.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/Transitional-PVC-Wood-Grain-Hinged-Wardrobe-PLYP19014-081 


12. Vintage Bedroom Decor

Decorating your bedroom in this manner will bring you back to the Renaissance period. It's an old-fashioned masterpiece. Traditional furniture infuses this bedroom design with an air of elegance. The sophisticated moldings on the bed and the cabinets speak of the traditional spirit, magnificent and unique. If you are fond of ancient art, this classic bedroom design may be the ideal choice for you.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/luxury-traditional-solid-wood-bed-ob-0314047 


13. White Shaker Style Bedroom

White is thought to be dull and plain for interior design. This so-called boring color actually boasts an incredible amount of purity that no other color can rival. One of the white bedroom ideas, this room reflects irresistible softness like the feathers of birds that offer you extremely cozy warmth. Furthermore, the shaker-style cabinets convey an old-fashioned air of elegance. The pure and innocent atmosphere suggests that this is a place where you can completely relax.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/nightstands-plct17008-060 


14. Modern Oriental Bedroom Design

Beyond the traditional design, this Oriental-style bedroom captures the essence of the modern trend. The key principle of oriental style room design is to fill the space with harmony, fine crafts, and warmth. In this room, chinoiserie wall decor creates a sense of tranquility and peace. Creamy and golden colors bring a touch of luxury. This beautiful bedroom decor conveys an indescribable softness, making the room a calming spot. 


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/2019-Chinese-Style-Thermofoil-Hinged-Wardrobe-PLYP19019-089 


15. Large Bedroom Idea

Here's a tricky question: Is the bigger the bedroom, the easier it is to design? Not always. A larger space requires more consideration. Having too much decor may lead to clutter and having too little may make the space appear empty and bland. Designing a large bedroom requires a delicate balance. It is important to partition the room reasonably. For example, take a look at this large bedroom design. We built a display area for owners' collections, a dressing area for make up, and a large closet area next to it for clothing. With the decorative wooden board and internal lighting, the ambiance of the large bedroom is elevated to a new luxurious level.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/Wood-Grain-Melamine-Wardrobe-With-Transparent-Glass-Doors-YG20-M01 


16. Colorful Kid's Bedroom

Colors evoke different emotions. So the paint color scheme for a child's bedroom can be difficult to decide. It is important to choose colors for the long-term, as they will last for decades to come. In addition, they need to be positive and cheerful so that the children can benefit from them as they grow. Here, pink, blue and white are the three main colors that mix and match to create a dainty look for this kid's room design. This color combination serves a soothing function and will not be out of style for years. 


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/op16-kid05-kid-furniture 


17. Space-saving Studio Bedroom

Sometimes, we have to make a compromise for a small bedroom in a studio apartment. It would be incorrect to assume that limited space means narrow. Just look at this space-saving bedroom design. For a small studio apartment with only one room, a murphy bed is essential to maximizing the space. Down for sleeping and up for making an additional area. By installing a bay window cabinet with a cushion, there will be adequate storage space and a place to enjoy the scenery outside. With the correct design, a small space can still be functional and beautiful. If you are looking for small bedroom ideas, this design may be a good option.



18. Kid's Bedroom with Play Area

A child's bedroom is where they sleep, play, and study. A family with more than one child will appreciate this bedroom that features a play area. The bunk beds are ideal for two children to sleep. There is a large desk with a book shelf for them to play and read. Other than that, there are plenty of storage options in this bedroom, for example, the drawer stair next to the bunk bed. With this cute bedroom design, your children will have a lot of fun, making memorable childhood memories.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/wardrobe-plyp17021-059 


19. Modern Small Bedroom Decor

As we have mentioned previously, a small bedroom design is cozier than a large one. However, if you still wish to make the room appear as spacious as possible, there are some tricks you can use - mirror addition & colors. Adding some mirrors may help enlarge the room visually. In this small bedroom design, the closet door serves as a cover and a dressing mirror for checking out what you are wearing. Besides, the gray and white color scheme also makes the room appear larger, as bright colors can reflect light and create an airy feel.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/yg17-m02-wardrobe 


20. Guest Bedroom Ideas

In order to ensure that guests and visitors have a place to rest, it is necessary to set up a guest bedroom. Some people may think that a separate room for guests is a waste of space. Here, we propose a better solution than simply converting the study room into the guest bedroom. By using this room decor, you are able to use the room most of the time as a study nook, and when visitors arrive, the tatami can be transformed into a bed by adding a mattress. Isn't it both stylish and practical?


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/OPPEIN-Funtional-Tatami-Storage-Bed-TA20-M01 


21. Cool Bedroom Ideas

To maximize space and integrate the entire room, here is a bedroom design that incorporates modular wall units. It consists of several cabinets that adhere to each other, functioning as an all-in-one bedroom. By maximizing the available vertical and corner space, the design provides a large amount of storage space. Are you concerned about the arrangement of the space and the layout of the bedrooms? Consider this master bedroom furniture. It could amaze you for sure.




22. Modular Bedroom Design

To integrate the entire room and save space, here is a bedroom design equipped with modular wall units. These cabinets are adhesive to each other that makes an all-in-one bedroom unit. It maximally uses the vertical and corner space, providing plenty of storage space. Worrying about the space utility and bedroom layout? Try this master bedroom   furniture. You would be amazed.


source: https://www.oppeinhome.com/product/dresser-zg0451603 


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