Modern Green UV Lacquer Bathroom Cabinet PLWY21005

Modern Green UV Lacquer Bathroom Cabinet PLWY21005
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Product Design: The design of this bathroom cabinetis matched with dark green and gray, both of which are high-grade gray. The color matching highlights the sense of hierarchy and has high-end temperament. The combination of this tone is very good to choose tiles, and it is suitable for any color tile;

Materials: The door panel adopts UV Lacquer, which is new this year. Lacquer is a UV light-curing paint, also known as photo-initiated paint, light-curing paint. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the initiator is decomposed, free radicals are generated, the resin reaction is initiated, and the film is instantly cured. It is the most environmentally friendly paint at present. The countertop is made of matte black slate, with precise original grain. The natural texture of the stone is restored by inkjet to form a transparent effect. It is the best substitute for natural stone. It is known for its large, thin and hard Mohs hardness. 6.5, whether it is material or color, it is an excellent match;


Storage: This bathroom cabinet adopts drawer + high cabinet design. The drawers meet the classification storage of large and small items, and the storage space is increased by 30% compared with the open-door cabinet. Rebound design, convenient, beautiful introduction. When designing the door panel of the hanging cabinet, choose the aluminum frame glass door and glass with a very narrow frame to make the whole look more delicate, you can clearly see the position of each thing, and it is convenient to take;

The crescent metal frame mirror is the finishing touch, with three-tone light, touch screen switch, and anti-fog function, so we no longer have to worry about the bathroom lighting is not enough. And it also has the function of defogging, the water vapor will not stay, and the mirror will always remain clear. The door hinge adopts the Austrian original Blum quick-installed door hinge, which can be opened and closed 200,000 times, and the 48-hour salt spray test is grade 6, which will never rust.


We offer many valuable accessories for the bathroom space. These practical accessories allow you to create and divide space inside vanities in order to optimize space and attain fully adapted organization. Now, design the inside of your bathroom vanities simply with accessories such as divider, basket, hanger, storage box, etc.

Material has the biggest impact on the vanity's durability. OPPEIN uses multilayer Plywood & solid wood particle board as the base material, the surface are brush attached with waterproof paint, it will not warp or become damaged when coming into contact with water or moist conditions.




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Bathroom Vanities Wholesale in OPPEIN

+ Custom Bathroom Cabinet

All OPPEIN wholesale vanities for bathroom are fully customized according to the customer's house design and needs. We cooperate with well-known Italian designers to synchronize international fashion trends and customize bathroom vanity that belong to customers. Fully customized bathroom cabinet, not just simple product combinations or size changes. Instead, we customize personalized bathroom space solutions according to different apartment types, family status, living habits and hobbies. In addition, OPPEIN's bathroom vanity wholesale increases space utilization by at least 30%. OPPEIN's custom bathroom cabinet adopts the most advanced European imported flexible production line in the home furnishing industry, and the overall process planning of the German Schuler company.

+ Environmentally Friendly Bathroom Cabinet

+ High-quality Bathroom Cabinet

Since the establishment of the company 28 years ago, OPPEIN has become one of the leading bathroom cabinets suppliers, insisted on providing high-quality bath vanities wholesale. The average water absorption rate of the substrate is only 5%, the waterproof ability is strong, and it has super load-bearing capacity, which is not easy to crack or deform. The hardness of the countertop used in the OPPEIN bathroom cabinet can reach Mohs hardness level 6. The process we use has reached the highest value of industry standard evaluation in terms of gloss, saturation, leveling, cleanliness, and hardness. In terms of hardware, OPPEIN's customized bathroom cabinets use industry-leading brands, such as Blum, CAMA, etc., to ensure the quality of every detail.

+ Strong Moisture-proof Bathroom Cabinet

Our custom bathroom cabinets design use edge strips imported from Rehau, Germany, and ABS raw plastic, which has good flexibility and low wear rate. The world's top German PUR waterproof glue enhances the moisture-proof function. The possibility of water seepage is reduced by 50%, and the adhesiveness is increased by 100%, so that the edge band and the cabinet body are perfectly fitted. Our bathroom cabinet for sale also has OPPEIN's first 5mm drain line design, in order to prevent water vapor from entering the cabinet.

+ Customize Your Bathroom Vanity in OPPEIN

As one of the leading China bathroom vanity wholesalers, OPPEIN has been committed to the research and development of high-quality customized bathroom vanities. Each bathroom cabinet design has a unique design concept. Check on the blog to get our latest bathroom designs. OPPEIN's custom bathroom vanities generally consist of the following structures: floor cabinets, hanging cabinets, countertops, basins, and silver mirrors. If you want to buy or wholesale bathroom vanities from China, OPPEIN will be your best choice.
You can buy a bathroom vanity here in OPPEIN! The amazing part is that you can even plan and customize your own bathroom vanity or even the whole bathroom here. Oppein offers bathroom customization from door panels, cabinets, hardware, storage accessories, and more details for your bathroom vanity.
All the more, we provide extended services like designing, packaging, shipping, installation, and product warranty. So if you prefer a custom bathroom vanity service, contact us, and we will help you in any way that we can.


* Kindly send us your project details and floor plan. We will quote for you within 24 hours!