Australia Market Visit Report (2)— Melbourne


On October 31th, 2012 , OPPEIN Kevin Guo visited Toby who is the marketing manager of Image Builder.

Right now, this company is in charge of apartment project named riverside . Image Builder is a medium size commercial builder and it specializes in concrete and formwork packages for Melbourne’s leading builders and commercial construction projects. Image Builder boasts a strong management team with more than 50 years’industry experience under their collective belts.


 Riverside Apartment Before Installation of OPPEIN kitchen Cabinets


Riverside Apartment After Installation of OPPEIN kitchen Cabinets

During the period of visit, they were installing kitchen cabinets with lacquer panels. On construction site, OPPEIN lacquer panels were highly thought of by Toby and installers. What OPPEIN professional design team and production efficiency impressed Toby most is that it only takes 2 months from drawing confirmation to kitchen cabinets delivery and installation.


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