Australia kitchen style

In Australia, people show their preference in country style kitchen. The reason why country style is more and more popular is that its natural and simple. Country style brings relaxed atmosphere, and its natural feature can move people’s hearts, let people relax themselves from the bottom of their hearts.


OPPEIN Whole House Design

Australia kitchen style. Here I will recommend you some designs of country style kitchen. Hope they can help…



White L-Shaped Kitchen with Small Bar  

This overall cabinet color selects log color, the tone is elegant, reveals the pastoral relaxed mood. Using solid wood panels, natural texture and color, the whole kitchen looks more pastoral. In addition, the hanging cabinet part of the cabinet has done a clever design, the details reflect a strong natural simplicity.


U-Shaped Kitchen with Industrial Style Elements

This cabinet is made of environmentally friendly green board. The cabinet is made of light marble with good texture and idyllic elegance. The white cabinets match the log flooring, giving the room a warm touch.

Shaker Style Straight Line Kitchen with Island

The overall color is mainly ivory white, and the color is uniform on average, which makes the light in the kitchen very soft and gives people a warm feeling. The front of cabinet and door adopt plastic-absorbing board and PVC decoration to make its surface smooth and smooth, without corrugation and impurities, and play the role of flame retardant, heat-resistant, moisture-proof and waterproof.


12 Square Meters U-shaped American Style Kitchen Design

The light log cabinet creates an idyllic atmosphere for the whole living room. The whole cabinet full of European style makes the whole space full of romantic flavor. The main point of this kitchen is the wide glass window. The matching of logs and marble also complements each other and shows the natural color.


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