10 Apartment Upgrade Ideas to Make It Cozy and Homey

The practical apartment interior designs here will help you figure out how to make the apartment your sweet dream home.

Creating a homey feel in a rental or small apartment is not easy. However, even if you live in a condo, apartment, or rental, you can still make it feel like your own with some fabulous apartment decorating ideas. We have collected some practical apartment interior designs in this article, which will help you figure out how to make the apartment your sweet dream home.

Additionally, these ideas are not only for tenants. If you are a renter, apartment decorating ideas are also useful. Nowadays, people prefer to rent fully furnished apartments so that they don't have to worry about decorating. Therefore, rental apartment decor sometimes plays a decisive role in determining whether a property will attract tenants. Now is the time to let these apartment decorating ideas inspire you. Read on and start thinking about your apartment reno!

1. Simple and clean bathroom design


A shoddy apartment bathroom will ruin the impression of your apartment. There is nothing worse than a small bathroom with boring decor. So why don't we make the space simple and clean? White wallpaper with grid patterns creates an airy and soothing space. The floating wooden vanity is a perfect match for the zone. Modern apartment bathroom ideas can add charm to your apartment decor, and most people will enjoy this simple style.

2. Fill the room with cabinets


There is never enough storage space, which is also a problem for studio apartment tenants. By adding more cabinet storage to the room, you will have ample space for everything and with doors, you can hide the mess inside the cabinets. Apartment furniture doesn't have to be extraordinarily beautiful, but it should be practical. When decorating an apartment, taking the actual living experience into account would yield much better results.

3. Float things up on the wall


Floating shelves and cabinets on the wall can improve coordination and expand the space. A cozy small studio apartment needs extra storage, so this solution solves that problem. Want your apartment to look neat? Take the time to explore the vertical space, and there will be a brand-new world of storage.

4. Small kitchen decorating idea


The studio apartment kitchen doesn't have to occupy too much space yet still be nice and functional. There should always be plenty of storage space for tenants. Just like the kitchenette in the picture, there is no space wasted and enough storage for everything. Its light and natural color scheme gives the kitchen a timeless beauty that will appeal to both males and females.

5. Upgrade the entryway decoration


If your apartment lacks a designated entryway zone, now is the time to get some upgrades. A nicely furnished entryway can change the look and feel of an apartment. Choose a unit that features a shelf on top where you can place items you need on hand, such as your keys and sunglasses. Add a cabinet and a seat for changing shoes. This small change in the doorway will tell your body that you just came home and can relax now.

6. Get a Murphy bed to save space


When we talk about apartment bedroom ideas, some people may get frustrated with the space occupied by the bed. If you have limited space or want to turn your bedroom into a multifunctional room for other activities, get a Murphy bed instead. The Murphy bed can be lifted up, and you can use the bedroom for other purposes. For example, you can place a mat in the center of the room to create a comfy zone for friends to chat and play party games.

7. Your apartment room needs a sofa


We mentioned before that you don't need to buy too much apartment furniture, but a sofa for the living room is like water for fish, which is essential. The first step to creating cute apartments is to bring a fluffy sofa to the living room. A soft sofa can change the sense of your apartment living room decor. Imagine yourself exhausted after work, lying on the most comfortable cushion in the world, and enjoying a moment of peace. You could never miss a sofa or couch for apartment living room decor.

8. Light up the room with warmth


Proper lighting can completely transform a room. Especially when you live in a rental apartment, having some warm lighting sources can change the atmosphere. Healing light enhances coziness and makes the rental homier. Warm lighting and enough illumination can positively influence your mood, so you should always choose to live in a bright, comfortable apartment.

9. Budget and space-friendly shower


Sometimes you have to let something go when budget and space become a problem. And for apartment bathroom design, we recommend a shower cube rather than a bathtub. Studio apartments, in particular, should feature small bathrooms and divide the actual space into other rooms. Get a small shower in the apartment bathroom, and the bathroom design will still be stylish and modern, as the picture shows.

10. Install bay window cabinets


Many people enjoy sitting near a window, taking in the outside view, and feeling the fresh breeze. So these bay window cabinets serve as a perfect addition to the apartment that increases storage capacity and can be turned into seats by adding cushions. How wonderful would it be if you could sit on the bay window cabinets and read a book on a sweet afternoon?

Hopefully, these gorgeous apartment decorating ideas from Oppein have inspired you to decorate your apartment. However, if you don't, we will be happy to assist you in creating your dream home. With 1000+ projects experience, Oppein Whole-house Customization provides a comprehensive service for furnishing every room of your apartment, villa, condo, or hotel. Count on Oppein Home, a 29-year custom furniture and cabinetry manufacturer, for your dream home decor.


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