7 Small Living Room Design Ideas

We've gathered 7 interior design ideas for small living rooms from OPPEIN, an experienced provider of home decor plans. Get some inspirations now!

Never let a small space limit your imagination when decorating your house. The living room, at the center of your home, should be furnished with beautiful furniture to create a personalized style. When decorating a small living room, we have to use the space carefully and choose the right decor style to set the tone for the whole house, since it is the first room your guests enter and it will mirror your personal style. We've gathered 7 interior design ideas for small living rooms from OPPEIN, an experienced provider of home decor plans. Check out the article and get some inspiration for designing your own petite living room.

1. Fireplace in living room



The fireplace is a classy decoration choice for the living room. It provides warmth and coziness to the whole living room with its traditional appearance, which is still a hit today. Having a fireplace in a small living room offers an intimate atmosphere for you and your family to engage in meaningful conversation. If you're worried that a real fire might not be eco-friendly, an electric fireplace would be a wise choice for you.

2. Filled with natural elements



A light color scheme sets the tone of this small living room, which conveys a homey and fresh feeling. The natural touch of woodgrain elements never goes out of style. Your choice of color scheme plays an important role in the overall ambiance of a small living room. By using this bright and natural paint color, a small living room appears larger visually, and the open floor plan enhances the influence of color.

3. Bohemian-style decor



Let's party with pops of color! This boho living room decor combines vibrant and bold colors for a fun, relaxing atmosphere. The combination of fluffy sofas, chairs, and natural fabrics provides an unparalleled level of comfort and softness. What a lovely small living room decor idea with the harmonious color palette and soothing small living room furniture! For cheerful small living room ideas, try boho.

4. Muted Morandi painted



The Morandi color palette is characterized by a muted and pale tone, which gives the interior a soothing and peaceful feeling. Morandi colors are definitely an excellent choice for a small living room. It is never a bad idea to decorate a small living room with cozy decor. Muted and gentle hues create the simplest charm to bring out the elegance of the tiny room.

5. Simple black and white



Looking for the most classic and timeless color combination for your living space? Here's the winner - black and white living room decor. This color scheme works best in a modern small living room. Keeping the decor simple and sleek creates an edgy feel to the room. You can furnish your small living room with these classy partners without too much ornamentation. Just choose white and black living room furniture to make some magic.

6. Make a reading nook



A small living room can be designed innovatively by integrating with other rooms and maximizing the space. With the TV cabinet full of books, you can turn the living room seating zone into a reading nook where you can enjoy a quiet moment of reading. Reading lovers will find this compact reading and living room to be a brilliant choice.

7. Style it up like a hotel



This small hotel-themed living room demonstrates a chic aesthetic. With all those glass doors and windows, there is a remarkable sense of transparency. A simple color scheme with accent colors on pillows guarantees a contemporary decor style. The high-gloss TV stand reflects the light around and enhances the modernity of the entire room. Get a hotel-like living room to create luxury in a small living area.


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