Acrylic-as bright as crystal

More than one hundred years, acrylic has been researched and developed.

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More than one hundred years, acrylic has been researched and developed. Acrylic is a general chemical product of PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), including monomers, plates, pellets, resins, and composites. Generally speaking, Acrylic is also a kind of organic glasses through special processes. It is also known as ” plastic queen”, because varieties of acrylic products are widely used, such as acrylic panels, acrylic plastic tablets, acrylic light boxes, acrylic bathtub, acrylic artificial marble, acrylic resin, acrylic paint and so on. Currently, acrylic is the most environmentally friendly kitchen door material in the world and it is very popular.


Red Color Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

Bored with white kitchens? This kitchen with glass and steel elements for modern industrial style will surprise you. Dark grey cabinets and stainless steel range hood mix with eye-catching red door panel, giving a modern kitchen a sophisticated feeling. It is not only good-looking, it is also easy to clean.

What are the advantages of Acrylic?

①Acrylic has excellent transparency up to 93%, which is 200 times brighter than glasses. It is so bright that you can take it as a mirror.

②It has a smooth surface and good resistance to acid, alkali and water. Even under the sunshine or rain, it will not change the colour or appear the hydrolysis phenomenon.

③It also has good performance in shaping, which is made of polyester materials, with the processes of hot moulding and plane trimming.

④One of the most obvious characteristics are the options of various colours. Due to the amazing light transmittance up to 93% and high gloss appearance, acrylic can provide rich choices. Acrylic boards can be dyed, painted, or vacuum coated etc, which gives people the enormous impact of visual.

⑤Not only green to the environment, it also easy to renew, because the waste can be recycled completely. Acrylic is friendly to save light-electricity, for the good performance of light transmittance.

⑥Do no harm to health and easy to clean. Therefore, it is safe to use it for a long term.


Yellow Color Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

Elegant and functional at the same time – the new kitchen range in high gloss yellow: Combined with black acrylic open cabinet, it creates a fascinating colour feature which impresses with the feel of the material but also with the attention to detail. The acrylic surface is as bright as a mirror.

White Color Acrylic kitchen Cabinet

Simple, clean and appealing are the original intentions of this kitchen cabinet design. Concealed handle, smooth design cabinet and whole pure white tone not just make this suitable kitchen, but also like a set of beautiful decoration. The kitchen door material of acrylic is good to resistant to moist and dirt.

Tips to maintain the Acrylic:

①Use soap or soft cloth to scrub if you need to clean.

②Avoid connecting with overheated objects for a long time. Heat resistance for composite acrylic is 90 degrees; heat resistance for pure acrylic is 120 degree.

③No rough object rubbing on the acrylic because it is easy to destroy the brightness of the acrylic.


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