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Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Guangzhou, OPPEIN is the top kitchen and total home-furnishing brand in China, and the largest cabinetry manufacturer in Asia.

With its highly automated woodworking machines and accumulated competency in mass customization, OPPEIN has unbeatable production capacity and flexibility to meet your specific needs. We provide reliable products to customers with excellent quality and delivery in time.

5 Manufacturing Centers

OPPEIN has 5 manufacturing plants located in Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Tianjin, Wuxi, Chengdu with a total area of over 2.3 million square meters to date, laying the foundation for us to offer the largest output in Asia.

Product Line

We offer you the best Kitchen Cabinet, Wardrobe, Bathroom Cabinet, Interior Door, Solid Surface, Kitchen Electrical Appliance & Accessory, Home Furniture and other Building Materials.

Kitchen Division
To manufacture and sell kitchen cabinets, including marketing self-manufactured kitchen worktops, accessories and electrical appliances.
Wardrobe & Customized Furniture Division
To manufacture and sell wardrobe and customized home furnitures, such as sideboards,bookcases, TV cabinets, beds and nightstands.
Bath Division
To manufacture and sell one-stop bathroom products, such as bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, steam rooms, toilets, bathtubs, shower heads and other bath hardware.
OWELL Stone Division
To manufacture and sell artificial stone, mainly quartz stone; Owell is OPPEIN's sub-brand.
Home Furnishings Division
To manufacture and sell standard home-furnishing products, such as sofas, beds, diningtables and chairs, tea tables.
Interior Door Division
To manufacture and sell interior doors and wall panellings.

Production Capacity & Flexibility

OPPEIN has the largest production capacity in Asia, which brings us unsurpassed delivery capability. The wide range of materials and colors offer the highest flexibility to meet diversified needs.

Intelligent Manufacturing And Informationization

OPPEIN's automatic product lines, mainly consisting of Germany HOMAG machines, guarantee the manufacturing preciseness and stability. Still, the information system, characterized by big data and cloud computing, greatly improves the efficiency of our mass customization.

Further on, in 2017, OPPEIN releases its OPPEIN 2025 Manufacturing Whitepaper, aiming to build an all-powerful digital platform by 2025. This innovative platform, including five systems, is undoubtedly strengthening OPPEIN's competitive edges.

Automatic & Intelligent Machinery

90% of OPPEIN's woodworking machieery comes from Germany.

Robot Sorting Unit-HOMAG
CNC Machining Center-HOMAG
Laser Edge Bander-HOMAG
PVC Foil Press Line-WEMHONER
Automatic Panel Saw-HOMAG
CNC Drilling Center-HOMAG

Our vision is to make OPPEIN a modern, innovative company respected and loved by the people, held in the highest esteem in China, and emulated around the world.

We deliver what we promise ,and will make no compromise to offer premium products and services to our customers.


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