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Cooperation with OPPEIN 
Bring Good Products To Families Around The World
Recommendation to
gain benefit
01. If You A Design Company Or Designer
You can get recommend benefit for recommending a customer to us when you have any customer would like to buy cabinet products or whole house decoration.
02. If You An Installation Company Or Installer
You can recommend a customer to us and get your referral fees when you discover customer who wants to customize his house and buy cabinet products.
03. If You A Trading Company
You can recommend OPPEIN to customers and you can get your agency fee. OPPEIN can offer all cabinet products and home furniture for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc.
04. If You A Small Company
OPPEIN can cooperate with you by providing various products as your need when your company requires cabinet products such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinet etc; as well as kitchen electrical appliance & accessory, home furniture and other building materials.
Become an OPPEIN dealer
01. Retail Dealer
Be able to deal with product sales to individual customers & order of small-quantity.
02. Project Dealer
Be capable to deal with building material & real estate customers with large-quantity product order.
03. On-line Dealer
Exhibit and sell products by website & with basic real-product exhibition and office services.