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OPPEIN has completed the Canton Fair live show succesfully in 15th-16th Apr. Sincerely invite you to watch OPPEIN's Canton Fair live show cut video.
OPPEIN has completed the Canton Fair live show succesfully in 15th-16th Apr. Sincerely invite you to watch OPPEIN's Canton Fair live show cut video.

The live show subjects are kitchen designs, kitchen introduction & quality test, projects in Australia and franchise recruitment. 


Welcome to contact us to get the replay links to visit the OPPEIN 10,000sqm showroom online, and choose your favorite design.

To celebrate the success of 2021 and set the vision for 2022, Oppein Group held its year-end banquet on Jan.21st, 2022. 


Over the past year, OPPEIN focused on intelligent manufacturing in order to improve production capacity and developed the latest concept in home furnishing- whole-house customization. It has been a challenging year for all of us, but challenges have spurred Oppein on to greater success. 

Oppein's annual turnover for 2021 reached a new level - approximately 21.3 Billion CNY (3.36 Billion USD)

The CEO of Oppein Group, Mr. Yao, said, "20 billion turnover is a miracle, which seems impossible, but was achieved by every OPPEINer, step by step."


It is impossible for a company to be successful without the efforts of diligent employees. In order to honor their outstanding contribution, during the banquet, eleven awards were given for best performers/groups across the various departments.


In addition, there were fascinating performances to mark the end of the year 2021 and the start of the year 2022. As a leader in the home furnishings industry, Oppein Home is committed to providing the best home solutions and services to more and more families worldwide.



At the end of the year, many families were looking forward to making home improvements. As OPPEIN is committed to providing every family with a lovely home, our franchisees have arranged a series of annual promotions and events for their local customers.

OPPEIN Bangkok: 2021 Appreciation Carnival

From December to January, OPPEIN Bangkok has been planning the appreciation carnival for our Thai customers. New Year's offers included an exclusive New Year discount (20% off plus 10% off), a special offer: a kitchen cabinet set, and gifts.

"This year is a special time for OPPEIN Bangkok, and thanks to our dear customers, we have been able to come through these difficult conditions. As a gesture of appreciation and a new year greeting, we are glad to give them our best offer." Said Mr. Chen, the owner of OPPEIN Bangkok.




OPPEIN Kenya: Amazing Festive Deals

In Eastern Africa, OPPEIN Kenya has started its annual festive events since November. As the holiday season approached, they decorated the showroom to make it more festive and cheery. It perfectly displayed how fascinating an OPPEIN home could be during Christmas. A series of customer appreciation gifts was also provided, including range hoods, stoves and ovens.

With OPPEIN Kenya, more and more families were able to own their dream homes to spend Christmas in. This is the time that the loved ones gather around, and OPPEIN will always be pleased to be a part of your festive celebration.

See OPPEIN Families Worldwide-1.jpg

See OPPEIN Families Worldwide.jpg

OPPEIN Oman: 2021 Year-end Campaign

Our partners in Oman organized a series of events at the end of the year to mark the upcoming New Year as well as the grand opening of a new showroom. 

In December, they offered a discount of 25% on OPPEIN kitchens. Extra kitchen sets were provided for customers who paid a specified amount. In January, a brand new showroom was opened with a raffle draw for loyal customers.

Wining and promoting are the key themes of this annual event. For the bright and promising year of 2022, OPPEIN Oman will keep providing the best service to every customer.

OPPEIN Bangkok Showroom: 226A Rama 9 Road, Huai Khwang,Huai Khwang District, Bangkok Bangkok, Thailand 10310

OPPEIN Kenya Showroom: Aryan Centre Block 14 Mombasa road, Behind Subaru Kenya

OPPEIN Oman Showroom: SINDBAD KITCHEN & FURNITURE, Al Maabilah, Steet No.7300, Opp. Modern Generation Pvt. School, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Beginning in 2016, OPPEIN Oman (OPPEIN Sindbad) has experienced an exceptionally fruitful period. Having a team of 20 experienced experts, OPPEIN Oman serves more than 600 local clients per year.


Unlike many other brands, OPPEIN Oman is committed to customer satisfaction. All feedback, whether it is positive or negative, is believed to help them improve their performance. Below is a review from a local client who truly enjoyed his new kitchen, giving the company a 5-star rating.



"It is a great pleasure." Said Mr. Mustafa, the leader of OPPEIN Oman. "Providing our locals with furniture and cabinets of the highest quality. After seeing how beautiful their houses are, I am always satisfied with nothing other than their joy." 


Thus, in order to better serve the local market, a brand new showroom was opened in January, 2022. It was at the beginning of the new year that OPPEIN Oman had organized a grand opening ceremony for the newly constructed showroom. In appreciation for the clients' support, they had offered gifts and a raffle draw event as part of their celebration.



On a total area of 400 square meters, the new showroom displays a complete range of products, including kitchen cabinets, closets, bathroom vanities, and doors & windows. In addition, the products are available in various styles such as modern, industrial, and traditional styles. By browsing through the showroom, visitors will be able to view a variety of stunning collections of home furnishings. 

When you visit the showroom, you can expect to be assisted by thoughtful consultants and designers to find the perfect pieces of furniture. "Our job is to evoke the dream home deep within your heart." said one of the designers. As a matter of fact, at OPPEIN Oman, customer dominance is always respected. The team is committed to providing the best service possible to locals, and appreciates any concerns and worries you may have.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable partner or if you are having difficulties with house decoration, stop by the OPPEIN showroom. 

That is where you will always be able to find your style.




Showroom Address: SINDBAD KITCHEN & FURNITURE, Al Maabilah, Steet No.7300, Opp. Modern Generation Pvt. School, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Open Time: 9:00AM to 9:00PM (Closed on Friday)

In 2021, due to the impact of COVID 19, the development of the home furnishing industry remained stagnant. However, no matter how the general situation changes, consumers' thirst for a better life and their basic requirements for a personalized dream home have never changed. Therefore, OPPEIN adhered to the mission of maximally satisfying customers' needs and overcame challenges, such as intensified competition and the price hike in raw materials, to achieve relatively ideal levels of performance growth.


As a leading brand in China's home furnishing industry, OPPEIN has achieved breakthrough growth in revenue for the full range of products through manufacturing system upgrades and design innovation.

At the same time, we have developed franchise support, enhanced strategic cooperation with business partners, and improved the service quality of direct sales stores, to expand sales channels and achieve comprehensive growth.

Multi-channel-Revenue.jpgRevenue by Category.jpg

For the year 2021, OPPEIN maintained a stable financial structure and positive operating cash flow to grow the business.

Stable Financial Structure-2.jpg

There are many unfavorable factors that arose in 2021, such as the continuous influence of pandemics, logistic disruptions, and the increase in raw-material prices. OPPEIN has greatly enhanced production efficiency and reduced the overall manufacturing cost rate by developing intelligent manufacturing systems. We have also enhanced the R&D investment and promoted R & D innovation, to meet consumer needs for product quality and delivery services.

We have developed our franchisees in the past year, and expanded showrooms all over the world, providing high-quality products and services to millions of families. As a result of these measures, the sales of OPPEIN products reached a new high, thus becoming a landmark in the China custom home furnishings market.

Sales Volume.jpg


In the future, OPPEIN will continue to focus on eco-friendly innovation and provide consumers with comprehensive home furnishing solutions. We will also optimize terminal stores and strive to offer the most valuable products and services to consumers worldwide. "Where there is love and home, there is OPPEIN" is not just an advertising slogan for us, but it is the spirit of all OPPEINers.

In May 10th, Italy-based furniture company Former S.r.l. was acquired by OPPEIN Home.

In May 10th, Italy-based furniture company Former S.r.l. was acquired by OPPEIN Home.


Former, established in 1967 and based in Cantù, is a pioneer in the field of Italian design. The company is excellent at combining technology with beauty to develop functional modular systems of home decoration. Former's designers go beyond the stereotypical neutral to create seemingly invisible wardrobes that blend with the environment. Wardrobes and cabinets become protagonists of the space and determine the architectural division.


As China's leading company in home improvement, OPPEIN has always been committed to creating innovative style home furnishing products. OPPEIN has been involved in Italian design trends since 2016, with a Milan-based design office and strategic collaboration with designers such as Marco Bortolin and Sergio Castiglia. The acquisition of Former is a significant milestone in the development of OPPEIN in high-end interior design.          


After the acquisition, the company launched a new brand - miForm, in June, which is positioned as a high-end interior brand that infuses the elegant design and elaborate craftsmanship of Former. As a vision of  OPPEIN and Former, this new brand will become one of the most prominent names in curated interior design in China.


In May 2022, OPPEIN acquired FORMER, an Italian high-end home furnishings brand, showing its determination to compete in the high-end market.

  • Acquisition and Revitalization, A New Brand Launch

To fulfill the increasing demand for high-quality home furnishing, a variety of high-end customized furnishing brands from China or overseas have been entering the market one after another. Based on its analysis of China's high-end customized furnishing market, in May, OPPEIN acquired FORMER, an Italian high-end home furnishings brand, showing its determination to compete in the high-end market.

With more than 50 years of history, FORMER is one of the most prestigious Italian high-end furniture brands. FORMER's performance has always been exemplary due to its excellent product quality, fine workmanship, and innovative styles.

FORMER specializes in the manufacture of furniture for bedrooms and living rooms, including custom-made wardrobes. Designed to organize and divide spaces, FORMER's furniture can create a sense of space and comfort, and provide extraordinary solutions to the home's interior design needs.


In China, miform is the only brand of integrated home furnishings registered by FORMER Italy. It is operated and managed independently by FORMER (China), a wholly owned subsidiary of FORMER Italy. This brand launch indicated that FORMER (China) is preparing to enter China's high-end customized furnishing market under the name of MIFORM.

  • Bring the "Milanese Artistic Home" to the Market

Miform keeps pace with the trends in the high-end custom furniture market. Its aim is to provide high-end whole-house furnishing solutions to elite consumers, with one-stop-shop services to make the purchasing experience as enjoyable as possible. Meanwhile, miform's mission is consistent with the business strategy of OPPEIN integrated furnishing - to create an international high-end brand.

Zhang Chuanxi, the founder of China Huate Customized Club, believes that high-end, customized furniture brands must be tested over time before establishing a brand DNA with an exclusive value. For companies with sufficient funds and excellent operational capabilities, the best way to enter China's high-end market is to acquire an established international high-end brand. OPPEIN acquired FORMER, which has brought us an innovative idea, and the new brand miform is expected to become a top-ranked high-end integrated furnishing brand in China in the future.


With the brand concept "Milanese Artistic Home", Miform possesses a refined, Italian design. Mario Pavone, the founder and president of Shenzhen Huangque International Design Co., Ltd., was specially invited to share his thoughts about "Milanese Artistic Home" at the brand launch.


miform's general manager Zhang Jinsong said "miform stands for Milano and Former, which means Elegant and Luxury Style from Milan. Its core brand concept is 'Milanese Artistic Home'. With a focus on design, quality, and material, we aim to establish a strict standard and offer Italian artistic home furnishings to high-end families worldwide. Moreover, our business model is based upon a unique product system for integrated home furnishings. For the design concept, we chose Italian aesthetics, modern luxury for the style of the product, and precision manufacturing for quality assurance. miform will provide platform-based operating models and mutual integration to develop the deluxe custom home industry."


Li Chuanhu, the head of the miform lab, presented some details about the new collections of miform high-end customized furnishings. "miform has developed an integrated home furnishing system based on FORMER's day/night furniture collection, offering consumers a one-stop solution for kitchen cabinets, built-in cabinets, wooden doors, wall boards, bathroom vanities, kitchen appliances, furniture, and intelligent home systems." He said.


From a comprehensive perspective, miform is an international high-end integrated furnishing brand, as well as the only integrated furnishing brand of FORMER China. The company will launch several series in the future in order to interpret the miform style, meet diverse demands from elite consumers, and ultimately lead the industry to a new level.

  • Lead the Design Trend of High-end Customized Furnishings

An interior design forum, which was held on the same day, discussed the evolution of humanized design and aesthetics in the age of custom-made furniture, and offered some brilliant ideas about home decor trends.


By combining Italian aesthetics with strong manufacturing capabilities, miform will be a competitive high-end brand in China's market and become the brand of choice for HNWIs.

The OPPEIN showroom in France opened on September 21st, 2022.

The OPPEIN showroom in France opened on September 21st, 2022.

In collaboration with UHOMEDESIGN - an innovative interior supply platform based in France, the new OPPEIN showroom is located in the UHOMEDESIGN mega mall, Valenton.


In this 2,000 square meters mall, customers can find everything they need for interior furnishing, from flooring to furniture. OPPEIN is always devoted to providing customers with a full range of products to facilitate the home decor process, and this concept is in sync with UHOMEDESIGN. Therefore, the collaboration between the two companies will significantly influence and improve the local market in Paris, France.


There was a cocktail party and dinner gala to celebrate the opening of the mega mall and showroom. During the gala, the leader of UHOMEDESIGN spoke about the bright future of this mega mall and the company's ambitions for the local interior furnishing market.


In the mall, the OPPEIN showroom includes display areas for the kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, and walk-in closet. The showroom also offers thoughtful assistance from expert designers and consultants.


"What we do is to embody your dream home deep within your mind," said the store manager. "We value customer dominance."

The team strives to provide the best possible service to locals and appreciates any concerns or worries you may have. Stop by the OPPEIN showroom if you are looking for a reliable partner or if you are having trouble with your house decoration.

You will always be able to find your style there.

Showroom Address: 87 avenue henri barbusse 94460 Valenton

Open Time: Local Time 10:00AM to 7:00PM (Closed on Monday)



From China to the world, we strive to provide the best experiences for our partners and clients.

The halfway point of 2022 has marked the beginning of OPPEIN's annual business travel season. The purpose of this event was to provide our clients and partners with a face-to-face communication method to our headquarters. With over ten years of experience organizing the business travel season, OPPEIN has established a strong relationship between our company and the people we serve. Over the past few months, OPPEIN teams have visited several regions, covering all continents.

From China to the world, we strive to provide the best experiences for our partners and clients.


OPPEIN in the UK


Our sales director Sarah visited the UK in May, and she got fruitful results from this travel.

"I do enjoy the time I spend with my clients. Business travel provides a better opportunity for direct communication. After the presentation, we can immediately talk to each other without annoying network problems." Sarah laughed.


The second goal for Sarah was to visit the site and observe how OPPEIN's collaborative local projects were progressing. By visiting the apartment in Sheffield, she saw the project in its completion. The client stated that very happy with the quality and service.

"Happy clients made my trip worthwhile. I look forward to receiving more positive feedback in the future." Said Sarah.

OPPEIN in Mideast & Africa


It was not the first time that Edison traveled through the Mideast and Africa. But this time, he has more work to do and more things to consider.

Edison has extensive experience in providing detailed presentations about OPPEIN and our project support. During his business travels in the Mideast, Edison delivered dozens of presentations for clients. "This would be a challenge for me, even with my experience, but when my clients showed curiosity after the presentation, I knew it was worth it." Said Edison.


Edison will continue to visit cities in the Mideast and Africa as part of his business travels. In the following months, he will introduce OPPEIN more enthusiastically to local clients. As he stated, Oppien is a brand that deserves to be known.

OPPEIN in the US


After spending the entire month of September in the United States, Rita has made many excellent improvements. Her travels across the country enable her to visit more ongoing project sites and communicate directly with local clients.

Rita visited the newly completed Brooklyn apartment project. There are six apartments in the entire building, each designed and furnished with beautiful contemporary furnishings from OPPEIN.   


She said after the visit to the project. "I love seeing the smile of clients. It is like a medal to honor my work on the project."

OPPEIN in Asia


We have over 7,000 showrooms around the world, and our business travel program also aims to enhance communication between our franchisees and headquarters. That is why Vincent travels through Aisa - to maintain close ties with our dearest partners.

Our partners are precious to us, and we care about their situation as much as possible. He has visited several showrooms in Southeast Asia and obtained feedback from franchisees. Vincent stated, "My job is to ensure that our partners have the best experience while partnering with us. I am working on this to achieve the best results."


He will visit more showrooms in Asia to collect feedback from our business partners. In the OPPEIN franchise business, win-win is always the priority.

OPPEIN in Kenya & America

At the end of 2022, our professionals will still be traveling to meet clients and partners. Here are three preliminary itinerary plans for Jacob, Micky, and Susan.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have further consultation on furnishing projects. We would be glad to schedule an appointment for you and meet our professionals in your area.

It would be great to receive further exciting news from around the world in the future.




Oppein 2022 new furniture set Star Atlas (also known as Starto) was selected as the gold winner for furniture design category by MUSE Design Awards.

Oppein 2022 new furniture set Star Atlas (also known as Starto) was selected as the gold winner for furniture design category by MUSE Design Awards.


As an international competition, the MUSE Design Awards has received thousands of entries from different countries. The awards recognize designers whose craftsmanship shift paradigms. And Oppein's newly designed furniture set Star Atlas became the gold winner in 2022 for its outstanding futuristic concept, exquisite details, and eco-friendly performance.


"Star Atlas" is a custom cabinetry series with an avant-garde and highly futuristic design intended to convey the modern aesthetics of domestic furnishing. Inspired by the universe, this design represents the design team's exploration of the past and vision for the future. The intricate weave finishes and smooth line patterns in the space create a harmonious balance between retro and futuristic styles.


Using formaldehyde-free green panels for cabinet doors makes this furniture set an impressive work of environment and health protection. Various details complement the design, like the ergonomically-based embedded metal handle, which is easy to grip and beautiful to ornament.



Moreover, miform, the deluxe integrated furnishing brand of Oppein, also won MUSE Design Award 2022. Whole-house design - Sicilia won the gold award in the interior design category.


Using simple artistic structures and multiple fine textures, this interior design interprets the relationship between modern urbanites and residential spaces. It reveals the occupants' delicate and romantic tastes, as well as their pursuit of quality living.


Oppein strives to provide its customers with high-quality interior solutions by constantly innovating in design. And as a newly-launched brand of Oppein, miform shares the same spirit of creativity in its design process. Research and development is crucial to the success of a company, and with a strong commitment to developing better living solutions for consumers, we will continue to present the world with more and more unique designs.

Even at the end of 2022, OPPEIN is still working to serve families worldwide. Several brand new OPPEIN franchise showrooms opened in Asia and Africa from September to October.

Even at the end of 2022, OPPEIN is still working to serve families worldwide. Several brand new OPPEIN franchise showrooms opened in Asia and Africa from September to October. It is now possible for people living in Mongolia, Riyadh, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe to visit the local showroom and feel the quality of OPPEIN products directly.

OPPEIN in Mongolia




On September 16th, OPPEIN Mongolia opened its doors. Most of the well-known designers, builders, and contractors of the area attended the grand opening celebration. As part of the celebration, a cocktail party, a lucky draw, and live music were arranged for the guest of honor. Everyone who attended the grand opening had a memorable experience. One of the guests commented, "The showroom looks fantastic! Great opening!".




With over ten experts in design, marketing, sales, and installation, anyone entering this 594 sqm showroom can expect the finest service possible. The showroom has display areas for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Come and view the latest interior trends in Mongolia.

Showroom Address: Sukhbaatar district, 1st committee Solar Road-36, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Showroom Contact: +976 75055533

OPPEIN in Zimbabwe


OPPEIN Zimbabwe officially opened its showroom on October 12th. During the grand opening, our partners provided a buffet party and a detailed showroom tour for guests.

oppein-showroom-zimbabwe-8.jpgWalking through the 235 square meter showroom, guests saw various interior solutions, including kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. Each product features a different style to match the different decors. Professional explanations enabled all guests to get a better understanding of OPPEIN's design concepts and the hottest trends in the industry. This brand-new showroom offers the best service possible by the specialists at OPPEIN Zimbabwe.



Further, to celebrate the grand opening, OPPEIN Zimbabwe is offering a special discount of 10% from October 12th through December 31st, 2022. It is the perfect time for consumers in the local area to furnish their dream homes!

Showroom Address: Shop 19-20 Sam Levy Village , Harare, Zimbabwe

Showroom Contact: +263 77 715 5982

OPPEIN in Madagascar


On Oct. 28th, OPPEIN Madagascar unveiled its showroom to local professionals. During the celebration of the grand opening, our Madagascar team hosted a cocktail party for local architects, decorators, constructors, real estate developers, bankers, and the press. And on Oct. 31st, the showroom is officially opened to the public.                        




In the spacious 961sqm showroom, visitors can browse 12 kitchen collections, 5 integrated furniture suites, 13 bathroom vanities, and 14 sets of doors and windows. Modern, classical, or minimalist, there are various styles for consumers to see and touch. There is an area in the showroom dedicated to consultation and sample display, where customers can have further consultations with designers. See it before you buy it, and speak with the pros before making your decision. In OPPEIN Madagascar, consumers will have the best experience ever in finding the right furniture to match their lifestyle.


Showroom Contact: +261 38 22 222 66

OPPEIN in Riyadh


OPPEIN Riyadh opened its showroom on Oct. 23rd, 2022. At the grand opening event, famous local designers were invited to celebrate and unveil the brand-new showroom as part of the designer union theme. One of the designers commented, "These cabinets are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen."


By walking around the 200 sqm showroom, customers will be able to view some kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and built-in furniture in modern, traditional, and minimalist styles. There are experienced design experts waiting to assist every customer in finding curated interior solutions. Spoiler alert: there will be special discounts during the grand opening period. Come visit the showroom and get the best offer for your home decoration!

Showroom Address: Northern ringroad king Abdulazizroad (exit5)      

Showroom Contact: +966 0547411844 / +966 114411772

With over 28 years of experience in home furnishings, OPPEIN has achieved some remarkable results around the world. We have franchisees located throughout the world. To us, every partner is extremely valuable. Our ultimate goal is to make every family in the world a perfectly furnished home. Achieving this goal is only possible through the efforts of our dearest partners. In the future, there will be more countries and regions knowing the name of OPPEIN, and eventually, we will make the world furnished with OPPEIN quality.


Company Profile
● The World's Largest Cabinetry Manufacturer
● 10000+ projects experience
● 7600+ global showrooms

OPPEIN Home Group Inc. is a Chinese-founded cabinet maker that manufactures and sells home furnishings. We offer customized wholesale kitchen cabinetry, wardrobes, interior doors, windows, home furniture, and whole house customization service.

In 1994, Yao Liangsong, founder of OPPEIN Home Group, established Guangzhou Optima Kitchen Cabinet Ltd. in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. As the predecessor of OPPEIN Group, this company was the first company that introduces integrated kitchens to China, marking the beginning of a new era in China's kitchen revolution.

In 1995, the company launched its first collection of integrated kitchens, which had a profound effect on the development of Chinese kitchen design in the future. In the same year, the company established commercial partnerships with local real estate companies to market residential houses with complete kitchens.

On March 28, 2017, OPPEIN Home was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), and on the first day of trading, the stock of OPPEIN rose by 44.01% by the daily limit, with a market capitalization of 29.9 billion CNY.

In 2021, OPPEIN won the Top 500 Most Valuable Chinese Brands with a market value of 49.351 billion CNY, becoming the No.1 brand in China's kitchen cabinets industry. The company operates more than 7,461 showrooms and chain stores worldwide, providing products and services to over 118 countries, and its products have been awarded 137 national invention prizes and patents.

Brand Strength

The world's largest cabinetry manufacturer

OPPEIN is operating 5 manufacturing bases for kitchen cabinets. These 5 factories ensure the steady supply of kitchen cabinet for 118 countries. In 2021, the sales amount of OPPEIN kitchen cabinets reached 1.047 million sets, which made it become the largest kitchen cabinet manufacturer in the world.

No.1 brand in China home furnishing industry

In 2021, the BRAND OBSERVER magazine announced the list of China's top 500 most valuable brands, with OPPEIN ranked first in the home furnishing industry with a brand value of 49.351 billion CNY. According to the 2021 mid-year report of OPPEIN, the global sales turnover reached 1.264 billion USD.

Italian designer alliance

The Italian Design Alliance was established in 2010 by OPPEIN. A number of famous Italian designers such as Ettore Tinagli, Marco Bortolin and Sergio Castiglia, have cooperated with the company and created plenty of original kitchen designs. In 2012, OPPEIN set up the Milan office in 2016 to keep pace with the latest interior design trends.





● 5 Manufacturing Centers
● Production Capacity & Flexibility
● Automatic Intelligent Manufacturing

OPPEIN has 5 manufacturing plants located in Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Tianjin, Wuxi, Chengdu with a total area of over 2.3 million square meters to date, laying the foundation for us to offer the largest output in Asia.

3500 + / per day4500 + / per day
kitchen cabinetswardrobes
1800 + / per day2400 + / per day
bathroom cabinetsinterior doors

types of materialsdoor colors
stone colorshandle styles


OPPEIN's automatic product lines, mainly consisting of Germany HOMAG machines, guarantee the manufacturing preciseness and stability. The information system, characterized by big data and cloud computing, greatly improves the efficiency of our mass customization.

OPPEIN releases 2025 Manufacturing Whitepaper, aiming to build an all-powerful digital platform by 2025. This innovative platform, including five systems, is undoubtedly strengthening OPPEIN's competitive edges.