U Shape Kitchen Cabinets-Fit for Small Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is the most functionally sound kitchen layout. This type of layout creates balance and symmetry due to its even, three-walled design, making it an ideal layout for the coveted kitchen work triangle.

A U-shaped kitchen is the most functionally sound kitchen layout among all the kitchen cabinet designs. This type of layout creates balance and symmetry due to its even, three-walled design, making it an ideal layout for the coveted kitchen work triangle. A work triangle, or the space between your stove, refrigerator and sink, supports functionality since it separates three major elements of your kitchen.

With a U-shaped layout, you get the most counter space out of any layout option. Due to the extra counter space and the three-walled design, you also have extra storage by adding cabinets below and above the counters.

As a leading China kitchen cabinet manufacturer, OPPEIN offer a variety of amazing U-shaped kitchens for small houses. Thinking of a kitchen remodel? Looking for small U-shaped kitchen ideas? Here, OPPEIN gives you some ideas of the U-Shape kichen cabinet

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1. U-shaped Kitchen with Island


A kitchen island is a useful and multifunctional component. No matter how small your space is, get inspiration from our small kitchen island ideas and tips to add more function to your kitchen. Make meal prep faster and more effective in a small kitchen with an innovative kitchen island. A small-space island can amplify surface area and kick up your kitchen's style. In the U-shaped kitchen with an island, you may have much more storage space and cook with fewer steps. Isn't this a wonderful solution for little kitchen spaces since it kills two birds with one stone?

2. U-shaped Kitchen and Dining Combo


With a stylish and practical U-shaped layout, you can optimize your small space without reducing cooking enjoyment. Rather than worrying about how to handle the small kitchen space, perhaps we should change the way we think and make the kitchen a part of other rooms, such as the dining room. In this tiny U-shaped kitchen design, the countertop is not just used for cooking, but also for dining. From cooking to dining, this lovely U-shaped kitchen is the perfect place for a pleasant evening with the family. 

3. U-shaped Kitchen in Natural Grain



Doors with a wood grain finish bring warmth and effortless elegance into your kitchen, making it an inviting space where you'll love to spend time cooking, dining and entertaining. U-shaped kitchens are the perfect expression of the work triangle we hear so much about in kitchen design. Nowadays, the kitchen is more than just a cooking spot that does not need to be seen. It is quite common to invite guests into the kitchen and have a party there. Thus, a beautiful kitchen cabinet is essential, since it presents your taste of style. By choosing a U-shaped kitchen with natural grains like the picture shows, you can proudly show your tiny kitchen to your friends.

4. U-shaped Kitchen in Creamy White


Creamy white makes the kitchen bright and airy but still warm. Also, this clean color could visually enlarge the kitchen space in some way. Featuring a chandelier above, this tiny white kitchen cabinet exudes romance and elegance, creating a dreamlike aesthetic that works well in any home. Still, to maximize the kitchen utility, some stools next to the countertop make a relaxing spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. 

5. U-shaped Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets


Shaker style kitchen cabinet doors here are elegant for their clean lines, and you can see them paired with simple, unadorned cabinet hardware. U-shaped kitchens provide lots of storage and work surface. The U-shaped layout of the shaker cabinets makes the cooking area both functional and stylish. Furthermore, since shaker kitchens represent a timeless design that has been popular for decades, you would not have to worry about them becoming outdated. 

6. U-shaped Kitchen with Peninsula


If your kitchen space can afford an island, then a peninsula is a better choice. An extension of the base cabinets, the peninsula broadens the worktop and offers more storage space. Adding a peninsula to a U-shaped kitchen creates a smoother work triangle, just as an island does. It limits your working zone, which is a good thing because you don't have to move between zones, just turn around and finish cooking.

7. Open Concept Small U-shaped Kitchen


The open concept kitchen has become a popular choice in recent years. As we mentioned before, rather than thinking of a solution for a small kitchen design, we could change the space by integrating the kitchen with other rooms. As in this case, an open concept U-shaped kitchen is combined with the living and dining rooms. The pantry cabinet is large enough to house all the groceries, as well as the wine and goblets. In this kitchen design, you not only have a cooking area, but also space to display your collections. And it is certain that such a kitchen design will add an extraordinary aesthetic to your home and amaze your guests.

8. Corner U-shaped Kitchen with Island


When the design of your home leaves you with an unusual layout for your kitchen, a customized U-shaped kitchen is a practical solution to your problem. Designed to perfectly fit in a corner, this U-shaped kitchen (or V-shaped kitchen, if you prefer,) is tailored to the floor plan. Along with the wall are two kitchen cabinet suites, one serving as the washing zone and the other as the cooking zone. The refrigerator is built into the wall for food storage, and the center island can be used as a dining table or a mini bar for entertaining. Having a custom kitchen provides more comfort, so if you are overwhelmed by the kitchen layout, try tailoring kitchen cabinets to fit your home. 

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