The popular trend in wood & stone design

The charm of wood collocation is that exquisite jointing walnut door panels, calm nostalgic teak cabinets, unique personality and texture of each kind of wood coexist harmoniously in the same color system, and the inclusive earth color system provides spa

Nowadays, kitchen designs are always in the style of the simplicity and industry, so the wooden kitchen and stone kitchen will surely give you a big surprise. The material of solid wood or stone grain to make kitchen cabinets, will not only more affinity, but also create a shining effect!

Combine the rough fine lines of wood grain decoration with concrete wall, it may make you feel like in the nature, and also create a natural and comfortable kitchen atmosphere. The stone effect kitchen brings stone elements into the kitchen, balancing aesthetics and function to interpret the more versatile kitchen space. Compare with lacquer door panels, in the wood grain environment, even food and kitchen utensils are placed at casual, it will not appear disorderly.


To make the kitchen fresh and clean, light walnut cabinet doors can be a good choice, and the tiles and operating tables in ivory white can be selected. The floor can also choose dark wood veneer floor or wood-like strip tile which is easy to clean.

White, beige and wood color will match well, and will match up with fashionable and high-end effect! You should firstly find out which kind of wood you like (including wood color and grain). Then choose several similar wood grains to match. Finally apply them to island platform, operating table, dining chair respectively to create a sense of harmony and concise atmosphere.


Synchronizing Italian design concepts and aesthetic needs, the designer also adds modern design to the details, taking into account the art, sentiment and practical, comfortable features. Stone-grained cabinets, inspired by the appearance of texture, texture, delicate and smooth rock feel, 45 ° gold color tilt angle, so that Sartre's color is natural and pure. White countertops with dark stone floor cabinets make cooking original and enjoyable. The “L-shaped” countertop design uses a large number of high cabinets and extends out of the island and dining tables. The space is wide and the kitchen is connected. Between the material and the color, between the texture and the pattern, the space is more layered and original.


In the kitchen design in 2019, the wood or stone effect, you can have a try.


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