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OPPEIN International Airport Showroom – From China to the World

30 September 2021

OPPEIN's first airport showroom had its grand opening in September, which is located at Check-in Area B50-B279 3rd Floor, Terminal 2, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

As the leader of the cabinet & vanity manufacturing industry, OPPEIN has been trying to offer the best product and service to families around the world. And this airport showroom could be a further extension for us to connect the world.

OPPEIN chose plenty of airplane elements to decorate this showroom. Mixing luxurious texture with airport style, the storefront was painted by elegant grey and fancy silver, using crystal-like glass and bright lighting to make the spot like a shining diamond.

There are 5 sections in this large showroom which are entrance section, living room section, kitchen section, dining room section and bedroom section. OPPEIN arranged a clear guide to give every customer the best visiting experience.

All the samples in the store are well-chosen and various styles show how a modern and trending home shall be. Minimalist design, classic design, entry luxury style…… whatever and whichever you like, there is always a perfect match for you.

Moreover, in this airport showroom, OPPEIN presents its unique smart home solution. Entrance disinfection system keeps harmful bacteria out of the house. Intelligent kitchen system makes cooking and cleaning as easy as possible. For living room, AI butler can handle the chores by giving a voice command. And bedroom is equipped with smart lighting system, freely customizing the lighting mode.

A restful space for travellers – it is the theme of OPPEIN airport showroom. Come and visit this oasis. Catch and feel the trend of home design.

Location: Check-in Area B50-B279 3rd Floor, Terminal 2, Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou, China

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