OPPEIN's Market Cap is worth more than 80 billion RMB

OPPEIN is a leading cabinetry manufacturer in Asia with our users scattering in more than100 countries and regions. As a Chinese listed company, OPPEIN’s market value has exceeded 80 billion yuan, reflecting the success of its products, which is a milestone in the history of OPPEIN.

Also, during the press, the CEO Liangsong Yao has shared his deep insights towards the transformation of the OPPEIN industry, and put forward the idea of “service transformation and upgrading”.


At the beginning of 2018, a grand goal was set by Mr. Yao---to achieve a market value of 100 billion

According to the 2019 Financial Statement, OPPEIN's revenue has exceeded 13.5 billion, close to the total performance of the second-ranked company and third-ranked company combined, accounting for 34.24% of the total performance of custom-made home furnishing listed companies; the overall growth rate of OPPEIN is higher than the weight average growth rate of the other eight listed companies in this industry. As the data shows, not only does OPPEIN hold its leading position, but also its growing speed surpasses those competitors.


The advantage of OPPEIN is being more and more obvious. This seems exceptionally prominent under the impact of the pandemic in 2020. According to the third-quarter fiscal statement of the industry which was released recently, while the main competitors’ business was stagnating with their profits experiencing a negative growth, OPPEIN has already achieved a double increase in its marketing profits in the exact same period. It was even doing much better in the third quarter, realizing a year-on-year increase of 18.40% in revenue and a year-on-year increase of 35.65% in net profit excluding extraordinary profit and loss.

1.Contant effort brings success.
Kitchen cabinets as one of the featured products of OPPEIN, its scale and position still maintain an absolute advantage. According to the 2019 financial statement, the income of the OPPEIN kitchen cabinet is almost the sum of the cabinet income of the next 6 listed companies, contributing 4.13 billion in revenue in the first three quarters of 2020.


Meanwhile, the OPPEIN wardrobe has become the “trump card” product. Some media who checked on the third quarter of 2020 financial results for research and judgment, has come to find that the OPPEIN wardrobe has made itself into NO.1 in the industry.

2.Service Transformation and Upgrading
The reason for OPPEIN’s long-term and steady development lays in its products and services.

Throughout its 26-year development and growth, it is wise and advanced of OPPEIN to take products and services as the core. Not only does OPPEIN always insist on high-quality development, but also it unceasingly makes breakthroughs in quality, cost performance, and innovation in scientific research.


Since its establishment, OPPEIN has explored products with high quality, cost-effective,pre-sale, and after-sales services that improve its corporate value and sets up the brand of OPPEIN. At the same time, OPPEIN carries with its advanced technology and environmental-friendly manufacturing idea, driving the entire industry transformation and the upgrading of consumption. Each innovation and upgrade of OPPEIN leads to the consumption upgrading of the entire industry.


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