NAF Formaldehyde-free Added Exemption Certification

Recently, OPPEIN formaldehyde-free added substrate material has been awarded NAF formaldehyde-free added exemption certification by California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Many furniture substrate materials contain a large amount of formaldehyde. After the new house is decorated, you need to wait for a while before you can move in after the formaldehyde has dispersed.

Choose OPPEIN, use the formaldehyde-free added substrate material, which gained dual international certification of NAF and SGS, so you don’t need to worry about this. For OPPEIN substrate material without formaldehyde addition, using MDI organic glue (without formaldehyde), the amount of formaldehyde is less than 0.005 mg.

Recently, OPPEIN formaldehyde-free added substrate material has been awarded NAF formaldehyde-free added exemption certification by California Air Resources Board (CARB).
Earlier, OPPEIN has obtained NAF formaldehyde-free added exemption certification from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). OPPEIN formaldehyde-free added substrate material has become one of the few environmentally friendly substrate material in the custom home industry that has obtained dual certification.


In addition, aldehyde-free added substrate material has been tested by SGS, an international authority, with excellent performance.
Tested by domestic authoritative institutions, the formaldehyde emission of OPPEIN aldehyde-freeadded substrate material is less than 0.005mg/m³, which is close to zero, with the leading edge.
OPPEIN took the lead of the industry to comprehensively upgrade  the environmental protection level of substrate material without aldehydes and reduced the terminal price. The era of the high environmental premium is gone.

1.Gained CARB NAF + EPA NAF dual certification

▪   CARB is the abbreviation of the CaliforniaAir Resources Board.
Currently, NAF certification is the highest environmental standard in the world, issued by the California Air Resources Board and the US Environmental Protection Agency.


OPPEIN aldehyde-free added substrate material has two aldehyde-free exemption certifications in one fell swoop, indicating that it does not add any formaldehyde-containing chemical components in the production process. When exporting to the US market, there is no need for form aldehyde testing. This shows the trump card of OPPEIN in the field of environmental protection.

2.Excellent performance measured by the global authority SGS.

As the industry’s leading green and environmentally friendly panel,  and its substrate material and finish have formaldehyde emission, static bending strength, internal bonding strength, water swelling rate, nail holding power, surface wear resistance, etc, all  meet the standards. In addition, the load-bearing, moisture-proof, and durability of the panel have also been qualitatively improved, and the overall performance is more superior.


▪ SGS, it is an internationally recognized inspection, appraisal, testing, and certification organization, also a globally recognized benchmark for quality and integrity.

3.The formaldehyde emission is less than 0.005mg/m³
Over the past 26 years, OPPEIN harmony with consumers and has always focused on creating a healthy living environment for every family.
With the increasing demand for environmental protection and health, aldehyde-free furniture has become the first choice for more people. OPPEIN hopes to flatten the “artificial wall” of environmentally friendly panel consumption and make environmental protection more friendly to the people.



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