Keys to Designing a Multifunctional Bathroom

Space is a premium in most bathrooms that we remodel, and it’s essential to create realistic expectations for how to make the best use of space.

Have you been bothered by how to design the bathroom?

Space is a premium in most bathrooms that we remodel, and it’s essential to create realistic expectations for how to make the best use of space. In tighter spaces, often is it not realistic or practical to include both a separate shower stall and a dedicated space for a tub. Some bathrooms would look crowded with double vanity and double sinks. When thinking about a bath remodel consider the area and how much room you and your family need to maneuver after a shower or bath to prepare for the day or a night on the town.
The three most important areas of a well- design bathroom is the basin area, convenient area, and bath area.


Basin area design

Unreasonableheight design would make you suffer back pain.
Generally, the height of the sink cabinet should be 850mm.
And the above counter basin height should be 750mm.
If your family is very tall, it should be increased to 850mm-900mm.
The width of the sink cabinet should be more than 600mm.
And the depth of the sink cabinet should be 505mm-570mm.


Toilet area design

Normally, the length of the toilet is 660mm-745mm, the width is 360mm-434mm.
Also, it’s necessary to reserve a space of more than 300mmin the front of the toilet and 200mmbeside the toilet. The whole area width should not less than 900mm.In this case, it would provide much more convenient to grab the toilet paper.


The height of the toilet paper holder from the ground is generally about 700mm. In this way, you can reach out to the paper without bending over to grab it.
If you want to install a smart toilet at home, remember to reserve a place for socket in advance, and the height of the socket is recommended to be 400mm above the ground.

Showing area design

The width and depth of the shower space had better not be less than 800mm. Which could provide you extensive space. Generally, the height of the shower room is 1800mm~2000mm, to ensure splashing won't be spilled onto the outside.


For convenience, the width of the shower area door should be no less than 600mm. Meanwhile, the sliding door and the outward opening door are the best choices for the showing area. If there is a falling accident, it offers easier access to rescue.
If you would like to enjoy a shower, the wonderful height design of the tap would be1010mm-12200mm.
When you would like to lay down enjoy a spa in your tub, the perfect size should be 1670mm-1970mm, and the height should be 380mm-550mm.



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