How to choose wood or stone effect kitchen

Nowadays, kitchen designs are always in the style of the simplicity and industry, so the wooden kitchen and stone kitchen will surely give you a big surprise. The material of solid wood or stone grain to make kitchen cabinets, will not only more affinity,

How to choose wood or stone effect kitchen? The charm of wood collocation is that exquisite jointing walnut door panels, calm nostalgic teak cabinets, unique personality and texture of each kind of wood coexist harmoniously in the same color system, and the inclusive earth color system provides space for each kind of material. Many high-end cabinet brands can customize wood matching schemes to create personalized kitchen style.

What are the options for wooden cabinets?

Common wooden door boards are solid wood, solid wood veneer, melamine board and plastic absorption board.

1. Solid wood boards: They are made of solid wood with real effect and high price.

2. Wood veneer board: It is a kind of veneer on the density board, which is comparable to the real wood board, and its price is much lower than the real wood board.

3. Melamine boards and PVC boards: Melamine boards and plastic absorbing boards imitate the pattern of wood grain by plastering film. The difference between them is that plastic absorbing boards can make many shapes by moulding, while melamine boards can only make flat plates. In terms of durability, melamine board is better than others.


Then, there are two kinds of stone effect cabinets. One is that the cabinet of the cabinet is made of stone material, and the other is that the finish is stone material. Its advantage is hard, not easy to scratch, not sticky, good cleaning, not afraid of water, natural color. Therefore, you can choose stone effect kitchen cabinets as your favor.

Here are the advantages of stone effect cabinets:

1. No deformation, high hardness and strong wear resistance. The rock is naturally aged for a long time, the structure is uniform, the coefficient of linear expansion is extremely small, and the internal stress completely disappears without deformation. Not afraid of acid, sputum erosive, will not rust, do not need oil, not easy to stick dust, maintenance, maintenance is simple and convenient, long service life.

2. Anti-abrasive, high temperature resistant, maintenance free. Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance and low temperature deformation. No scratches, no constant temperature conditions, and maintain its original physical properties at room temperature.

3.Physical stability, compact structure, impacted die falling off, no burrs on the surface, no influence on its plane accuracy, stable material, long-term deformation, long linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical precision, anti-rust, anti-magnetic, insulation . Non-magnetized, it can move smoothly during measurement, no stagnation, no moisture, and the plane is well defined.

Hope these suggestions can help you choose your favourite kitchen cabinets.


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