How to Position Your Washing Machine Properly?

The commonly-used household appliances like washing machines have become an essential necessity for most families. But the washing machine is often treated like the nonessential sundries, being relegated to the basement, housed in a closet, or shoved in the corner. Where should the washing machine be placed? This question stumbles many people.

Some prefer to place the washing machine on the balcony for the sake of cloth washing and hanging laundry.

Some people would like to put the washing machine in the bathroom for the convenience of collecting and washing the cloth. But what is fundamental of all, come to the basic water and electricity supply for the washing machine to operate. Therefore, it should be installed somewhere nearby the plumbing lines where the waste lines and water supply are easily accessible.


Many households used to place the washing machine in the bathroom, but grumble about the “giant” machine is no tie-in with the bathroom.

So here comes the question, how to design a proper place in the bathroom for it? Slide down and check the solutions!

The privilege of laundry and wash one-stop solution


Placing the washing machine in the bathroom isn’t the privilege of the L apartment. A 4 to 7 square meter also can contain a washing machine base on a reasonable design. Otherwise, the space above the washing machine also can make full use of it.


It’s a good choice for you that combining the laundry machine cabinet and the basin cabinet. There will be a large place to settle the laundry things and the washing gargle.


Above the washing machine, design a semi-open storage cabinet that could provide you storage space for the sundries of the bathroom you use frequently.


If there are some extruded pillars getting in the way around the corner, we will conduct a special treatment on the washing machine. That is to have its carcass adapted to the shape of pillars, to stay consistent and flexible.


And not just in the small family suitable for laundry and washing, which is also recommended to the large house design.
Where to place the washing machine shall obey our habits and needs. With some strategies and sophisticated designs, it can also perfectly fit the bathroom and stay put up.


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