Four Solutions to 90% Kitchen Acceptance Problem

The kitchen occupies a small area in a home, but it is the most easily messy place. No matter how many cupboards there are, they can also be packed so full that people have no idea what to look for. No matter how empty the tabletop is, it will be occupied

The kitchen occupies a small area in a home, but it is the most easily messy place.No matter how many cupboards there are, they can also be packed so full that people have no idea what to look for.No matter how empty the tabletop is, it will be occupied by small appliances and sundries. We can't do anything about it if we want to clean it up. What should we do in the face of such a messy kitchen? Here are four ways to solve 90% of the kitchen acceptance problem, learn it quickly.


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OPPEIN has studied kitchen for 25 years and summarized a set of very practical methods in kitchen reception.

Simply put, the kitchen is divided into floor cabinet, suspension cabinet, wall and corner of the four-space to receive, and then ingeniously use a variety of tools and reception skills. After mastering the method, you can really make the kitchen clean and new every day!


New Wood GrainShaker Kitchen With Glass PLCC19062

1.Ground Cabinet for Bearing Weight

The ground cabinet is usually the largest collection space in the kitchen, so it undertakes most of the collection functions. It is suggested that the floor cabinet should be divided into water tank cabinet and other cabinet bodies, and the basket and drawer should be set up to meet different storage needs.

Layered receipt of basket

The largest number of pots, bowls, and Ladles in the kitchen, the most difficult to clean, can be done with a basket.

Make a two-layer basket under the kitchen table area. Lower layers of heavy pots are not commonly used.Upper layers of light and commonly used dishes are placed.A vertical receipt is achieved. Well organized and easy to take.


New Wood GrainShaker Kitchen With Glass PLCC19062

For example, the stainless steel hearth basket developed by OPPEIN perfectly utilizes this inclusion principle, transforms the plane space into three-dimensional space, and maximizes the use of space.

The floor cabinet can also be equipped with a multi-functional pull basket, lower enlarged packaging, large oil bottles and other items that are not commonly used to occupy space, in the middle, cookers such as pots and shovels, and upper storage of commonly used condiments and other low cans.

Receiving drawers in compartments

In addition to the basket, the floor cabinet can also set drawers in smaller cabinets. The drawer's advantage is that it has vertical space division, more receptive ability, and can see everything with a gentle pull, clear and clear.


New Wood GrainShaker Kitchen With Glass PLCC19062

For example, the cabinet under the vegetable cutting area can be made into three-layer drawers, which can be used to store these small items: preservation bags, film, spare spoons, forks, food sealing clips, etc.

In addition, these small items must not be all directly stuffed into drawers. They must be classified with storage boxes, separators, knife, and fork discs and other tools so that they can be truly orderly.

Special Receiving of Tank Cabinet

Because of various pipelines, water purifier and garbage disposal unit, the remaining space of the tank cabinet will be less, so it is difficult to accept it in layers like other ground cabinets. Let's just make it into an open cabinet.

In the middle of the pipeline can be installed an adjustable shelf, used to place detergents, drainage basket, and other non-damp items.

In addition, a storage basket can be set up in the cabinet door, making use of the small space between the door board and other sundries, and ingeniously creating a storage area, which is suitable for cleaning appliances such as detergent, cleaning cloth, steel ball, gloves and so on.

For example, the washing basket of OPPEIN cabinet can be installed directly on the door panel of the sink cabinet when customizing cabinet. On the first day of our stay, we can set up a house for cleaning utensils, which is convenient and worry-saving.


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2.Light weight dry goods in hanging cabinets

Because of its high moisture resistance and moisture resistance, hanging cabinets are more suitable than floor cabinets for storing lightweight and damp-proof items, such as dried seafood, cereals, or spare dishes and cups.

Hierarchical receipt of telescopic shelf

The open hanging cabinet is easy to waste in the upper space. At this time, the simplest and most cost-effective way is to install a telescopic shelf to create a layered storage space, which can accommodate more items.

Receiving Box Classified Receiving

The suspension cabinet is the most suitable space for the use of receiving boxes. It is suggested to buy different size receiving boxes according to the size of the internal space of the suspension cabinet and to maximize the "filling" of the suspension cabinet. Receiving the box with handle is the best, easy to take.


L-Shape Modern Red PVC Kitchen PLCC19112

If you are afraid that things are too difficult to find, you can put a classification label on the box in advance. It is not only neat and beautiful but also very easy to find things.

Use Drop-Down Inclusion Method

For a small friend, the box at the top of the hanging cabinet can't be reached on tiptoe, and it's not safe to hold the foot of the stool. At this time, you can choose a good partner of the hanging cabinet - pull down the basket, and it's easy to get things at the top.

The pull-down storage rack developed by OPPEIN is also a good assistant of the suspension cabinet. It cuts the space of the suspension cabinet back and forth, takes things from the front as usual, and installs the pull-down storage rack at the back. When used, it is convenient to take dishes and food preparation tools; when not used, it is put in the back of the suspension cabinet to block the lampblack.


L-Shape Modern Red PVC Kitchen PLCC19112

There is also this two-stage double-deck hanging cabinet basket, not only convenient to take, but also make the space utilization rate higher, more loaded, and there will be no high-level goods difficult to take or a waste of space.


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3.A full wall of fragmentary objects

There are many things in the kitchen. In addition to the floor cabinet and hanging cabinet, we can also use the vertical space of the wall to collect them. Hang small pieces on the wall to make the table cleaner.


Stainless steel hangers and shelves

Stainless steel pendant or a shelf can be used more on the wall with a large area. It has low cost, simple structure, convenient installation, pollution resistance, and easy cleaning. It is very suitable for kitchen use.

Pot shovel, spoon, scissors, small pot can be hung up, at a glance, too convenient.


L-Shaped Gray Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet OP18-L02

Cave board + hook

The strongest wall capacity is the hole board, and hooks together, almost all sundries can be hung up, but also arbitrarily adjust the location, super convenient.


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4. Dead corner gap relies on artifacts

There are many dead corners in the kitchen, such as corner position, the gap between cabinet and wall, etc. These spaces can be used to tidy up a lot of things.

Corner basket

Flying saucer basket is a common kind of corner basket. It uses butterfly wing shape skillfully and makes use of corner area to save space. Anti-skid design is used in the tray area. When used, only need to open the corner cabinet door, there are two trays sliding out, easy to take goods.

Monster basket is a very cool kind of corner basket. It has the functions of turntable and retractable. It can make full use of the deep space inside.


White L-Shape PVC Kitchen With Island PLCC19021

Corner trolley

Hourly turning car can maximize the use of corner space, the push-pull design is practical and beautiful, very convenient and flexible. Ordinarily, you can take some snacks that don't need to be put in the refrigerator to decompress the refrigerator.

Choosing the right collection tool, with a little skill and care, can expand the kitchen space, and no longer have to worry about the mess of the kitchen, have you learned?

Above is all about the four strategies to solve 90% of the kitchen acceptance problem, I hope to help you. Daily scientific acceptance is very important. It is not enough to simply hide things. Only a neat, well-placed and handy collection can make the kitchen a hundred times neat and tidy.


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